How to Complete WoW’s “Pink Elekks On Parade” Quest (Alliance)

This part always scared me as a kid.

If you’re taking part in this year’s Brewfest activities in World of Warcraft, one of the best ways to earn some quick prize tokens is the “Pink Elekks On Parade” quest. It’s an easy way to net a massive 40 tokens right off the bat, but as an Alliance player, it’s a little unclear where you need to go right away, particularly since the quest text currently tells you to go to.. Teldrassil. Uh, yeah, bad news about that one. Here’s how to complete WoW’s “Pink Elekks on Parade” quest.

World of Warcraft: Pink Elekks On Parade Guide

First, pick up the quest from Goldark Snipehunter near the festival grounds outside Ironforge (just Southwest of the city gates). He’ll give you the Synthbrew Goggles – you need to put these on to see (and subsequently zap) the Pink Elekks. I’d recommend taking them off between outings – they make your mounts drunkenly steer back and forth. The whole “pink elephants” thing is an homage to the Disney film Dumbo, in case it seemed a bit weird. Anyway.

You need to zap three Elekks outside three different major cities, listed with coordinates (use TomTom or a similar AddOn to view these) below. You can find portals to both Shattrath and the Exodar in the Mage Tower in Stormwind. The whole thing doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, and trust me, it’s a lot faster than grinding this many tokens any other way.

Stormwind Pink Elekks (34, 51)

Shattrath Pink Elekks (48, 36)

Exodar Pink Elekks (78, 59)

Once you’re done zappin’, just return to Goldark Snipehunter for your reward: 40 Brewfest Prize Tokens. This is a hefty sum, but the quest can only be completed once, so spend them wisely. For all the new rewards this year available for purchase, check out our Brewfest 2023 guide!

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