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How to Complete Welcome to the Hall of Heroes in Destiny 2

Quinn is this close to using you as a guinea pig

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve spent any time doing Patrols in Neomuna, you might have run into Quinn, a Neomuni citizen who just loves to sabotage the Vex. But did you know she’s also an archivist? She is! And she has a quest for you. Here’s how to complete Welcome to the Hall of Heroes in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Welcome to the Hall of Heroes in Destiny 2

Once you’ve completed the campaign, head to the Hall of Heroes and speak to the glowy blue silhouette in the far back. This is Quinn, and she’ll hand you the quest.

Step 1: Explore the Hall of Heroes

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Quinn has gone through the trouble of setting up audio consoles throughout the Hall of Heroes. They’re pretty plain, and none of them are hidden. They almost look like trash cans. The issue is that you have to listen to them in order. Make sure you have the quest selected in your inventory (just click it) in order to track it. This will put a diamond over the console you need to interact with it, so you don’t have to go running around checking each one.

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Step 2: Visit the damaged memorials

Visit the damaged memorial to learn more about them and see what data can be salvaged.

Beside digital Quinn are four broken memorials. Scan each one. They each have a cool name, and a name associated with a quest. So, get ready for that.

Step 3: Scan the remaining memorial

Scan the remaining damaged memorial to see what data can be salvaged.

There’s one more memorial to visit. It’s the Siegebreaker, a Cloudstrider with a story all too similar to Osiris’s. But once you interact with this memorial, your Strand abilities will recreate it. What can’t this new subclass do?

Step 3: Return to Quinn’s desk.

The Archivist wants to discuss your new use for Strand.

Speak to Quinn, and it turns out that this is just the start of a series of new quests. We could have guessed that from the Memorial names. Accept the quest, and you’ll complete the Hall of Heroes. Congrats!

If you haven’t grabbed Deterministic Chaos, now’s a good time to jump onto that quest. Check out our guide for it here.

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