How to Complete Tree of Whispers Bounties Fast in Diablo 4 Season 2

Cough it up, Giving Tree

Diablo 4’s second season – Season of Blood – features additions to many endgame systems, including the Tree of Whispers. Whispers of the Dead, which must be completed to earn rewards from the Tree, are an amazing way to get quick xp and, more importantly, gear and endgame materials.

Completing Whispers of the Dead Quickly in Diablo 4 Season 2

Completing Whispers of the Dead (highlighted on the map with red or pink icons) grants Grim Favors, 10 of which will earn a reward of your choice from the Tree of Whispers. Season 2 features one new overworld activity that grants just enough for one reward every hour: Blood Harvests. To most efficiently grind out a Tree of Whispers reward once per hour, simply visit the Blood Harvest location – the green area of the map seen below – and complete Whispers of the Dead as you explore.

The Whispers found in Blood Harvests always contain objectives involving the slaying of certain mobs, highlighted in red on your minimap, and the defeat of two Blood Seeker enemies. Finding highlighted enemies is easy enough, and the Blood Seekers will uh.. seek you out if you spend enough time rummaging around in the Harvest. If you don’t want to wait, you can spend 15 Blood Lures at a Sanguine Altar to summon them yourself.

Sanguine Altars look like cups on the mini-map, and you can see how they appear in-game below:

Besides these objectives, others usually involve filling an altar with materials dropped from enemies, destroying objects, freeing civilians, and more. But there are always enough within one Blood Harvest for at least one full level of the Tree of Whispers, and they’re much more densely packed than they otherwise would be, so I strongly recommend making time for these between your other activities as you play.

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