How to Complete the ‘Tis The Season For Harvest Event in Goat Simulator 3

It's harvest season, so here's how YOU can help the local farmers!

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What kind of a goat would you be if you didn’t help your local farmers to produce more hay for you to chow on later on? Not a very good one, that’s for sure. We aim to become the G.O.A.T. of goats in Goat Simulator 3 here at Prima Games, and we are writing as many guides as we can to help you become one too.

Find out how you can complete the ‘Tis The Season For Harvest Event in Goat Simulator 3 below. We assure you that it is simple and that you will have an “it was right in front of my nose” realization like we did when we finished the Event Quest.

How to Help Fix The Harvester in Goat Simulator 3

So there is a Harvester that needs to be fixed, without any specific pointers on what to do to make this happen. You are probably roaming around, looking for some spare parts or what have you, but the solution is way simpler than that.
Check out the screenshot below:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Next to the Harvester (left of it), you will find ladders. Use them to get above (to the location that is visible in the screenshot above). Once you get there, you will see the hanging part that needs to be installed on the Harvester in order for it to be fixed. In order to do this, ram the bitts that are holding the ropes so that the ropes can be untied.

Once both ropes are untied, the hanging part will magically and perfectly fall onto the Harvester and finish its assembly, completing your Event Quest.

Congratulations, you have now secured enough hay for the winter for all the goats in the neighborhood! We hope you have found this guide helpful and we invite you to look over more of them under our Goat Simulator 3 game tag.

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