How to Complete the Spare Change Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Spare Change Challenge in BitLife

From royalty to street savvy

This week’s BitLife challenge, the Spare Change challenge, is another difficult one! Starting May 6, 2023, you will have to create a famous royal character who is not afraid to roam the streets to marry a commoner. Not only that, but your character can get into some serious trouble if they are not careful! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Spare Change challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Spare Change Challenge in BitLife

Below are the tasks you will have to finish for the Spare Change challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a Prince
  • Marry a commoner
  • Emigrate to the US after abdicating your title
  • Perform every fame-related activity
  • Earn $50,000+ while panhandling

How to Get the Street Hustler Requirement in Bitlife

Before starting this challenge, make sure you have the Street Hustler special career pack unlocked. To get it, you will either have to purchase it individually or buy Boss Mode to unlock every pack. Without this, you cannot panhandle for the last task of the challenge! This also means you will have to spend money to complete the challenge.

If you already have the pack or plan to buy it, you can keep going!

How to Be Born a Prince and Marry a Commoner in BitLife

To begin this challenge, you will have to be born a prince! Unless you have God Mode to change your royal status to Prince, this is almost entirely luck based. However, the main way to raise your chances is by creating a character born in a country with royalty and ensuring they are male! If you make a female character by accident, she will be a princess instead.

Also, since you must be born a prince, you cannot resort to becoming a commoner and marrying into the royal family. However, once you create a prince, you will have to date and marry a commoner. The process of doing this is similar to any other character, where you can enter the “Love” menu and find a partner before proposing!

Another way to do this, if you have a king or queen character, is to have children until you have a son. Once your first character passes away, move on to your second life to be born a prince!

All Fame Activities in BitLife

As a prince, you will have access to royal activities such as performing royal duties, hanging out with celebrities and relinquishing your title. Similarly, a famous character can access a “Fame” tab that allows them to appear in magazines, write books and appear on talk shows.

Fortunately, your prince character has access to these but will experience severe backlash. Perform these activities while maintaining high public opinion before moving on to other tasks!

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Emigrate to the US After Abdicating Your Title in BitLife

Once your princely duties are over, the last thing you will have to do is give up your title and emigrate to the US. After heading into the royalty tab and relinquishing your title, go into Emigrate and refresh the list until you find “United States”. Request approval and move on over there to finish this task!

How to Panhandle in BitLife

If you have the Street Hustler pack, you can enter the street hustler career pack, find a list of streets and begin hustling. When choosing your hustle, choose panhandle and pick your props, sign and strategy before hitting the streets and asking for money! Continue doing this for a few years until you rack up at least $50,000 in total earnings.

For more information on how to do this, be sure to check out how to panhandle in BitLife.

Once you complete the final task, you will finally complete the Spare Change challenge. As stated above, this one was much harder for me to finish than usual!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the game, check out our complete list of BitLife guides by clicking the tag below!

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