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How to Complete the Side Story From the Far Reaches of Hell in Octopath Traveler 2

I'm sure the ominously named tome in an indecipherable language is completely harmless

by Daphne Fama

From the Far Reaches of Hell is a quest that requires a lot of legwork. But isn’t a Coat of Arms worth it? Here’s how to complete the side story From the Far Reaches of Hell in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Complete the Side Story From the Far Reaches of Hell in Octopath Traveler 2

To even begin this quest, you’ll need to complete two others. The first is The Traveler’s Bag, a quest that occurs outside of your starting town. In this quest, you’ll meet Al, who is instrumental in From the Far Reaches of Hell.

Once you’ve returned Al’s bag, go to Montwise and bring the Librarian three tomes in order to complete the quest Procuring Peculiar Tomes. Once you complete that quest, go to the other side of the library and turn the time to night. Al will be in the shelves.

Al will tell you that he really wants to read the tome From the Far Reaches of Hell, which we recently added to the library’s collection. But it’s in an undecipherable language. We’ll need a way to translate it.

Go to Beasting Bay: Anchorage and jump on the Grand Terry to set sail into the Sundering Sea. Head north, and you’ll soon be at the Nameless Isle.

At the top of the island, you’ll encounter Gigantes. You’ll need to defeat this monster in order to find the translator we need to complete this quest.

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Once Gigantes falls, Georges Lazuli will reveal himself. He’s been cowering, terrified by the Gigantes this entire time. You’ll need to scrutinize, bribe, coerce, or inquire the information out of him. You’ll clean How to Decipher Unknown Language for your trouble.

With this information in mind, return to Al in the Montwise library. You’ll then translate the tome for him. For your efforts, you’ll get 4,500 leaves and a Coat of Arms. And if you go back to the librarian who you gave the tome to, she’ll tell you From the Far Reaches of Hell has gone missing.

If you go to the ??? island in the far-right corner of the map, the door will now be open…

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