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How to Complete the Scientific Methods Side Mission in Dead Space Remake

Nicole's scientific research leads her down a dark path.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Nicole Brennan

In case you weren’t aware, one of the biggest changes with Dead Space Remake from the original comes way of the new side missions. These are missions you can work towards as you progress through the game, only taking you slightly off the beaten path and lasting for the majority of the game. Those willing to commit to them will also snag a nice reward at the end. One such mission talks about Nicole and what happened with her prior to Isaac’s arrival on the Ishimura. Here’s how to complete the Scientific Methods side mission in Dead Space Remake.

Every Step in the Scientific Methods Side Mission in Dead Space Remake

To kick off this side mission, you’ll need to visit the Main Lab during Chapter 2 or later. Once there, head to the bottom floor and enter Nicole’s office. Inside, you’ll find various bits of loot including an audio log which you’ll need to listen to. This goes over Nicole’s work with patient Harris, as she attempts to figure out what’s happening with the crew stationed on Aegis VII. When this audio log ends, the side mission begins.

The first step will ask you to investigate the Emergency Room, which will require you to progress through the chapter. Open up the barricade blocking progression, and make your way to the Emergency Room where you’ll be able to play a recording of Nicole as she attempts to help a patient suffering from muscle spasms, following severe trauma.

Dead Space Remake Autopsy Room
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Once the recording concludes, continue playing through the game until Chapter 3: Course Correction, and you’re tasked with fixing the engines and centrifuge. Once you make it to the deck, make your way to the Preparation Room, followed by the Machine Shop, and finally into the Calibration Room. Here, you can play a recording of Nicole dissecting a necromorph as she continues to investigate the events on Aegis VII.

Dead Space Remake Secure Storage
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When you’re finished there, you’ll next need to head to the Mining Deck which you won’t get access to until Chapter 7: Into the Void. Once there, make your way down to the Maintenance subdeck and head to the Secure Storage room. Here, you’ll have the option to power four different doors and take whatever you might find inside, loot or necromorph. For the purposes of Scientific Methods, you’ll want to open up door #2 and listen to the audio log inside. This log speaks about Nicole’s discussions with Dr. Kyne after he has realizations about the Church of Unitology’s true intentions.

Dead Space Remake Guest Consultancy Suites
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Finally, you’ll be asked to make your way to the Crew Deck and find Mercer’s Room. This can be found in the Deluxe Suites within the Guest Consultancy Suites. In the room on the other end, you’ll find another recording, with Nicole discovering new information before being interrupted by Dr. Mercer, who she appeases for the time so as to not get herself killed.

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Watching this recording will finally conclude the Scientific Methods side mission, with a nearby table housing a Force Gun upgrade. When leveled into, this will give the Force Gun’s Gravity Well an increased radius, making it even better for handling necromorph crowds.

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