Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice
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How to Complete the Premeditated Malpractice Side Mission in Dead Space Remake

Dr. Mercer's been up to some rather shady things.

Dead Space might still retain its main missions with similar paths and revelations, but its side missions are a refreshing addition for veteran players. Not only can you get some additional power by completing them, but you’ll also learn a lot more about things that were merely touched on in the original. One such side mission centers around everyone’s favorite doctor, Doctor Challus Mercer. Here’s how to complete the Premeditated Malpractice side mission in Dead Space Remake.

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All Steps in the Premeditated Malpractice Side Mission

Dead Space Remake Tissue Sample
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To begin the side mission Premeditated Malpractice, you must first reach the end of Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion and freeze the Hunter necromorph. This can be done by knocking one of its legs off, using stasis on it, and activating the cryofreeze in the side room. When the chapter finishes and Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard begins, you’ll find a Tissue Sample in the room you froze the Hunter in. This will initiate the side mission, which first asks you to analyze the Tissue Sample. This analyzer can be found in the Main Lab at the Medical tram station. It’ll look something like the image below.

Dead Space Remake Tissue Sample Objective
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Once analyzed, the machine will tell you it houses the DNA of Brent Harris, a patient aboard the Ishimura after the mysterious events on Aegis VII. From here, it will begin detecting related RIG activity starting with a recording in the Intensive Care Unit. Head there, and you’ll be greeted with a recording of Dr. Mercer and Harris talking about how they’re going to listen to the Marker’s teachings as Mercer injects something into Harris’ brain.

The machine will then detect related RIG activity in the Mining sector. Proceed through the game until you reach the Mining deck. Proceed as normal and pass the initial traps until you see a door labeled Extraction Area. Move past it, and you’ll find Ore Storage which you must enter. There will be some loot in the room, but for the side mission, move the kinesis boxes and interact with the security terminal. You’ll have another recording play before the game then asks you to return to the Bridge to find a report. We suggest playing through the rest of Chapter 7 first if you haven’t already, as you’ll be asked to return to the Bridge afterwards anyway.

Dead Space Remake Bridge Report
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Once you’ve made it back to the Bridge and the main atrium, head immediately to the right and interact with the first screen you see (pictured above). This will play a recording of both Nicole and Captain Mathius, which discusses both Dr. Mercer and how Harris is being taken to Hydroponics by Mercer. As you might’ve already guessed, you’ll want to return to Hydroponics. Once there, head to Flow Control near the room with the Save Station, up the elevator, and into the West Grow Chamber. Then, head to the second floor through the central elevator and into Hydroponics Control.

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Finally, head into the Nutrition Systems room through to the Diagnostic Lab. Interact with the recording on one of the tables to hear Dr. Mercer talk to Harris as he’s slowly transforming into the Hunter necromorph. The end of this recording will complete the side mission, but don’t leave the room yet. Grab all of the loot in this room first, including the Prototype Stasis Module on the workbench. If you don’t know what it does, be sure to check the guide linked above.

That’s it! You’ve completed the Premeditated Malpractice Side Mission, and the first completable side mission in the game (only eight Chapters in). Enjoy your stasis upgrade.

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