Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

The ultimate book lover challenge

Get ready for another BitLife challenge! Starting April 15, 2023, you’ll have to polish your reading and writing skills as you become a famous writer. Not only must your character become famous, but you’ll also have to write high-quality books and even become active on social media. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

Below are the tasks you will have to complete to finish the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife:

  • Read the dictionary
  • Become a famous author
  • Write 2+ best-selling books
  • Write adult fiction
  • Write a viral Facebook blog post

Reading the Dictionary in BitLife

While many BitLife challenges require you to live in a certain country or be a particular gender, this isn’t one of them. You can create any character you’d like! However, you’ll want them to have high smarts stats so they can graduate high school and enter university. More on this later, though.

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In the meantime, once your character reaches adulthood, check Activities > Mind & Body > Book and look through the options until you see “The Merriam-Webster Dictionary“. If you can’t find it right away, close and reopen the pop-up window until it appears. The dictionary is over 3000 pages, and you can either tap through them manually or watch an ad to skip the process. Do either of these to finish the book and complete the first task.

Becoming a Famous Author

Remember the university discussion from before? While you are not required to go to university to become a famous author, it significantly increases your chances of finding a writer position.

With that said, once your character is old enough, enter university and pick English as your program. After graduating, check your full-time jobs list and apply for the “Writer” position. Even though getting an English degree increases your odds of finding the career, you can still close and reopen the BitLife app before checking again if it doesn’t appear. Once you find it, apply for the job and pass the interview to become a writer.

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From here, work hard and set your working hours to around 50 hours/week before aging up. After a few years and plenty of dedication, you’ll become a famous writer!

Writing Best-Selling Books and Adult Fiction

Once you become a famous writer, you’ll gain access to the Fame tab under Activities. Go here and select Book to begin writing a novel! You can’t do this every year, and you may get a “You are unable to find a publisher” pop-up instead. If this happens, just age up and check again until it works.

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Each time you write a book, there is a chance it’ll flop, perform well or become a bestseller. Continue writing books every few years until you complete two bestsellers! You’ll likely pick up the Adult Fiction task along the way, knocking out two parts in one.

Writing a Viral Facebook Blog Post

When you enter your Assets tab on the main menu, you’ll find a Social Media category with apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Sign up for Facebook and create posts every year until one goes viral. Make sure that, when you’re making your post, you pick the “blog” option each time!

Once you complete the final task, you will finish the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife!

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