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How to Complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

Comic book, cartoon, and movie fans assemble!

by Nikola L

Harley Quinn is one of the more famous comic book characters of today and BitLife’s developers have decided to pay a small tribute to the villain by adding a Harley Quinn Challenge. We’ll warn you that, yes, this challenge is as crazy as it sounds. Here’s how to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife.

How to Get the Harley Quinn Achievement in BitLife

This challenge has a long checklist, which we will break down below:

  • Be born a female
  • Be born in the United States
  • Be proficient in gymnastics
  • Get a job as a psychiatrist
  • Rob a bank using the croquet mallet
  • Escape from a prison

The first two are pretty much “reroll your character until you make it.” For gymnastics, you will need to commit a lot of time to it during your school days. Try joining the gymnastics club when it becomes available. For this, you will need to have high fitness and athletics. Mind your grades as well, because your education doesn’t stop there.

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When you are done with school, you need further develop your education in the institutions of the highest level (university, college) to get a Psychiatrist diploma. Naturally, you will have to pick a major in Psychology. After you successfully graduate, you will need to land a job as a Junior Psychiatrist.

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While trying to rob the bank, select “Croquet Mallet” as the tool to use in this criminal activity. After you get caught, all that is left to be done is to escape the jail by beating the escape puzzle, and that’s it!

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