How to Complete the Groupie Challenge in BitLife

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Groupie Challenge in BitLife

Sometimes, it’s fun to return to old BitLife challenges and try them again or go through the vault and finish every available one. Among my all-time favorites is the Groupie Challenge, the first one that made me sit back and, for nearly a full day, have zero clue how to finish it. Fortunately, after many hours of trial and error, I completed BitLife’s Groupie Challenge, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

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Bitlife: Groupie Challenge Walkthrough

Below are the tasks you will have to complete for the Groupie challenge in BitLife:

  • Get 1,000+ views on a BitLife video
  • Join the BitLife team
  • Marry someone on the BitLife team

Choosing Miami as Your Starting City

Although this isn’t a spoken rule in the challenge, create a character born in Miami, Florida, United States. To do this, choose the US as your starting country and Miami as the place. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to join the BitLife team.

After creating a new character, make sure you keep your smarts high and don’t tarnish your criminal record. Your character will eventually go to university and get a job, so keeping your record clean is important.

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Getting Views on a BitLife Video

Don’t worry; you won’t have to publish any actual YouTube videos for this one. Instead, age up your character until they’re old enough to create a YouTube page. From here, create BitLife videos every year until one goes viral or you become famous enough to get 1,000 views on one consistently. Either way, stay dedicated until you make at least one video with over one thousand views to knock out the first challenge.

Joining the BitLife Team

To join the BitLife team, enroll at university and complete a computer science degree. After graduating, search the full-time job list for a “Jr. App Developer” career with BitLife as the employer. It will appear with a cellphone icon and the “App Developer” tag next to the name. Apply for the job and pass the interview to join the BitLife team.

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Once you join the BitLife team, you can pursue one of your coworkers and attempt to ask them out. After finding someone to date, ask for their hand in marriage to knock out the final objective and complete the Groupie Challenge in BitLife!

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