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How to Complete the “Fishing in Bulk” Event in Goat Simulator 3

We think you well know where this is going.

by Nikola L

So, you have decided to fish in Goat Simulator 3? Prima Games has you covered for this peaceful and relaxing past-time.
You will be Fishing in Bulk in no time. This Event Quest is an homage (more like a shitpost, if you ask us) to the ever-present trope in modern open-world games where your character can fish for one reason or the other. This time, we’ll be fishing in an unorthodox way, which will truly make waves.

Here is how you can complete the “Fishing in Bulk” Event Quest in Goat Simulator 3 fairly quickly.

How to Fish in Goat Simulator 3 (Do it the Nobel way)

Let us assure you right from the bat, there’s nothing Nobel about this fishing method and it belongs only in fictional works of art (such as this video game). We’ll explain how to fish in Goat Simulator 3. The location for this fishing adventure can be found in the location indicated by the cyan/teal goat icon (it’s a small blue lake visible on the map, west of Redneck Haven) in the screenshot below:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

After you’ve reached this small pond, you will notice that there are quite a bit of explosives conveniently placed on the shore. Fishing with dynamite is easier than ever thanks to Goat Simulator 3! You just need to approach the dynamite and press the Lick button to have it stick to your tongue and have its fuse initiated, and then you need to swiftly drag the dynamite into the lake. Please be advised, “swiftly” is not there for no reason, because the fuse is fairly short, so make every second of transport count.

Once you manage to toss all of the dynamites into the small pond (and they explode), your Event Quest will be completed successfully. Look at our Goat chilling on the shore, contemplating today’s catch. It surely can be traded in for some fresh hay stacks!

Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Find the Mermaid Comb in Goat Simulator 3

It’s worth noting that the Mermaid Comb (equipment that fires fish) can be found in the middle of the lake during this Event Quest. Just jump on the rock and you’ll grab it, no biggie.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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