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How to Complete the Centrifuge Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

How to activate the spinny boy.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake might be focused on scaring the hell out of you and ensuring you have very few resources at any given time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get some downtime too. Scattered throughout the game are puzzles you need to complete to progress, which often ask you to think of a clever solution. One such puzzle comes early on, but can be just a little confusing. Here’s how to complete the Centrifuge puzzle in Dead Space Remake.

How to Activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space Remake

You’ll first come across the centrifuge during Chapter 3: Course Correction when trying to bring the Ishimura back into orbit. You’ll be tasked by Hammond with fixing fueling in the north and south, along with activating the centrifuge. During this stage, you can activate it whenever you want, but once you choose to, you’ll be brought to a small room with the centrifuge right in the middle. Head into zero gravity and loot the room, as there’s a lot of free stuff in there.

Once you’ve looted everything, look towards the two engines marked with kinesis symbols. Your first thought may be to use kinesis to slide them into place, though doing so won’t work. Instead, you must use stasis on the spinning rotors on the front of each, then quickly use kinesis to get the engines into place. Be careful, as each engine you activate will spawn a Leaper who you’ll have to kill before proceeding. You may also need more stasis, which can be found in the room at a stasis recharge station. Once both engines are in place, head up to the console on the top floor and interact with it. You’ll have then activated the centrifuge and completed the puzzle, sort of.

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Once it’s activated, zero gravity will be disabled and oxygen will no longer be available in the room. Now, you must move quickly around the outside of the room while avoiding the spinning centrifuge. All the while, dealing with necromorphs. Once through, then you’ll be done with the puzzle. Good luck with the rest of the ship!

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