How to Complete the Blizzard Immunity Quest in Honkai Star Rail

You should always have a doctor on deck

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In Honkai: Star Rail, there are different types of quests that Trailblazers can come across, one of which is called the Companion Quest where upon completing them will allow you to invite a character aboard the Astral Express. Completing the Blizzard Immunity Quest will allow Natasha to be able to visit the Astral Express and you should know better than to traverse back into space without a proper primary care physician. 

How to Start the Blizzard Immunity Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

Before you start this quest, there are a few prerequisites. Blizzard Immunity is the second part of the Companion quest for Natasha, so once your Trailblazer Level is at 24 or higher, and you’ve completed the Trailblazer Mission Soldiers Stay Silent, then Natasha will reach out to you with a message, inquiring about help and that you come by when you can. Going to talk to Natasha at her clinic will start the quest Origin of the Medicine and finishing will prompt another text from Natasha to come and visit for the second part of her Companion quest, unlocking Blizzard Immunity. 

How to Complete the Blizzard Immunity Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Natasha Will Send Trailblazer a New Message
  • Meet with Natasha at her Clinic
  • Travel to the Overworld and Visit the Eversummer Florist (as depicted on the map above)
  • Talk to Vaska and buy a Flower Bouquet (Options do not matter within the story, aside from changed Dialogue from Natasha’s comments)
    • “Ball Peonies… Nice Pick, (Trailblazer). I wonder if dad still sends mom flowers on their anniversary…”
    • “Sunshines… Nice Pick, (Trailblazer). Dad’s not young anymore, he probably doesn’t have to do operations solo these days. I hope he’s looking after himself…”
    • “Marquises… Expensive… Thank you, (Trailblazer). To be honest with you, it reminds me of Vacha… Don’t worry, good memories only.”
    • “First Snow… Thank you, Trailblazer). It reminds me of carefree childhood days… Those times were pure and innocent, just like these petals.”
  • After Speaking to Natasha, Visit the Meeting Place Where Her Adoptive Parents are Waiting
  • Travel to the Snow Plains, Look for Clues left by Vache
  • Tip: If the Blizzard Immunity is drunk, a special Buff will Apply to the Team that will Prevent Being Frozen.
  • Continue Looking for Clues left by Vache
  • Investigate the Abandoned Lab 
  • Fulfill Natasha’s Last Request

After the quest is complete, Trailblazers will get 350 EXP, 60 Stellar Jades, 2 Traveler’s Guides, 200 Shield, the music album “Kindling,” and 25,000 Credits. Natasha will also be able to visit the Astral Express, so be sure to pop in to check not only on Pom-Pom to see how he’s doing but your visitors who may offer you an additional prize if you run into them. 

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