Something Sweet Cake for Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete Seed of Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sometimes friendship means talking to weird uncles and making potions

There’s nothing like completing a quest to truly cement your friendship with a talking lion. To that end, here’s how to complete the ‘Seed of Memories’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Complete Seed of Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ve made friends with the king of Pride Rock, progressed with Scar, and unlocked the Forgotten Lands. But now it’s time to complete the Seed of Memories quest, which you gain after reaching level 7 friendship with Simba.

We’ll be running all over the place, so strap on some sneakers.

Speak to Simba after reaching level 7 and he’ll tell you that he wants to learn more about his past in Dreamlight Valley, before the night thorns ruined everything. Unfortunately, his only reliable font of information is Scar.

Speak to Scar, and he’ll tell you that you’ll need to find the Dreamlight Tree Seed hidden in the Vitalys Mines at Sunlit Plateau. Apparently, we hid them there before the Forgetting.

Enter the mines and keep right. You’ll find a doorframe filled with rocks. Interact with the door, which should be glowing a light blue. You’ll enter a secret room. This is the Herbalist Room.

Once you’re inside, you’re going to need to investigate the area. Check out the drawings on the wall, and the beakers and tubes on the table. Once that’s done, you’ll need to track down Merlin and speak to him.

Merlin knows precisely what you’ll need to do next. And if you guessed it’s making potions, you’d be correct. We’ll need to mix a Potion of Growth and Potion of Dust.

Here’s all the ingredients you’ll need to do that:

  • Dream Shard (3)
  • Night Shard (3)
  • Blueberry (6): Found in the Forest of Valor or Dazzle Beach
  • Orange Marsh Milkweed: Found in the Glade of Trust
  • Empty Vial: Craftable by combining Sand and Coal Ore

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Once you’ve gathered all the necessary items, visit your nearest Crafting Station. Open the Potions and Enhancement tab, then craft a Potion of Growth and a Potion of Dust.

With these potions in hand, return to the Herbalist Room in Vitalys Mines. There are some empty spaces on the table in the room. Interact with them, and you’ll place the potions there.

By doing so, you’ll get the Dreamlight Tree Seed.

Speak to Simba and he’ll lead you to the ideal place to plant the Dreamlight Tree. The ideal spot happens to be next to the pond at Sunlit Plateau. You can get here by crossing the wooden bridge at the Sunlit Plateau.

Once you’ve found the spot, which Simba will stand beside, you can dig a hole and plant the seed.

You’ll need to water the tree for three days for it to fully grow. And that’s it! That’s the entirety of the quest.

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