How to Complete Prophecy Pluripotent in Diablo 4

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Prophecy Pluripotent Diablo 4
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The Season Journey is back with the Season of Blood, and once you reach Chapter 5 you’ll need to take on the Prophecy Pluripotent challenge in Diablo 4. It seems simple at first, but the wording can be confusing, so I’m here to clear up the journey ahead.

Here’s how to complete Prophecy Pluripotent in Diablo 4.

How to Finish Prophecy Pluripotent in Diablo 4

To complete the Prophecy Pluripotent challenge, you need to open six different types of Tortured Gifts in Helltides during Season 2. Tortured Gifts are the chests that are strewn around the designated Helltide zone. Each one requires a varying number of Cinders to open and you can get those by simply killing every monster in your way.

The good news is that you don’t need to get all of this challenge done in one Helltide. For some reason, the challenge only tracks “1/1” in the Season Journey which can be confusing. With that said, there is progress tracking. As soon as you open a Tortured Gift type for the first time in Season 2, that counts toward your progress.

I tested this myself in Helltides and I completed the challenge after only getting two chests in the zone, so the progress carries over between each event. Now you just need to know which chests are truly different.

Types of Tortured Gifts in Diablo 4 Helltides:

  • Tortured Gift of Protection
  • Tortured Gift of Jewelry
  • Tortured Gift of Weaponry
  • Tortured Gift of Mysteries
  • Tortured Gift of Living Steel

There are only five listed above but the equipment-based gifts each have subsections. When you come across a Tortured Gift of Protection, it could be for helmets or for gloves. Both of those count as a separate type. Going after the armor-based gifts first will save you the most time.

While you’re in the Helltide, check out our guide on how to find Living Steel in Diablo 4.

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