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How to Complete Proof of Justice in Octopath Traveler 2

Did he do it?

by Daphne Fama

Octopath Traveler 2 is full of NPCs that run the absolute spectrum of morality. But there are few as upright and principled as Meylan, the security guard for the Timberrain courthouse. So, let’s prove his innocence. Here’s how to complete Proof of Justice in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Complete Proof of Justice in Octopath Traveler 2

If you return to the courthouse after completing Meylan’s quest “Proof of Innocence” and “Proof of Guilt” you’ll find that he’s nowhere to be found. Step inside the courthouse, and you’ll find him on the stand, accused of murdering Judge Astell.

But that can’t be right! Everything we know about Meylan points to him being innocent. It’s up to us to save his life from the execution-hungry judges.

Step 1. Talk to the Spectators

Have Osvald or Castti in your party so you can scrutinize or inquire. You’re going to need to gather information from the Clerk. You won’t get any Information Gleaned, but she does offer a useful bit of information. Meylan was raised by his aunt in the backstreets of New Delsta.

Next, speak to the Court Reporter. He’ll be explicit and state that if he was the murderer, he’d throw the murder weapon into a lake, where it’d be carried down Southern Timberain Trail and eventually into the ocean.

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We have two locations we can investigate. South Timberain Trail is literally just outside of the town entrance, so let’s head there first.

Step 2. Head to South Timberain Trail

Head south over the bridge, then turn right. Eventually, you’ll see that the path opens up a bit and that you can get to the lake’s edge. Do so, and you’ll find a pier. Jump on the boat, then follow the river right until you see another pier. Jump off and pick up the blue item beside the waterfall.

Follow the river right

This is the Stolen Sword, and it’s our murder weapon. Now, let’s head to New Deslta.

Step 3. Head to New Delsta

Upon arriving in New Delsta, go to the Backstreets. To get to the Backstreets, head to the far left and then up.

Once there, find the save point. Just to the left of this save point, in the street will be a Dour Elderly Woman. Speak to her, and she’ll mention Meylan by name and inform you that she raised him and that he left ten years ago to seek vengeance for his parents. Since then, he hasn’t returned.

Scrutinize her, and you’ll get Killer’s Motive. Apparently, Judge Astell sentenced Meylan’s parents to death for a crime they didn’t commit.

Oh. Guess… Meylan isn’t all that innocent after all. Bring the evidence back to the Spectator and this will end the quest. Your reward is 30,000 Leaves, Fortifying Nut (L), and a Magic Nut (L).

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