How to Complete Parting the Veil in Destiny 2

Get ready to do some cardio

Oh, did you think we were done with Neomuna now that we have a whole new planet to explore? Not if you want those Strand Aspects, buster. Fortunately, we’ve got a whole guide on how to complete it. Here’s how to Complete Parting the Veil in Destiny 2.

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How to Complete Parting the Veil in Destiny 2

It’s time to visit our old friend Nimbus, who’s noticed some odd Vex activity throughout the city. And if we help them out, they help us out. With some new Strand Aspects and Epochal Integration, the gun that’s been leaked and teased all over Twitter for months.

So, let’s get into it.

Here’s a brief list of all the steps of Parting the Veil in Destiny 2, followed by a more in-depth version below.

  • Defeat Cabal in Neomuna to find Vex tracking data. (0/10).
  • Acquire Vex data from Maya’s Retreat.
  • Acquire additional Vex data from the exterior of the Irkalla Complex.
  • Complete the Mission Parting the Veil.
  • Meditate on your findings
  • Read note

Defeat Cabal in Neomuna to find Vex tracking data

Fortunately for us, tracking down Cabal is pretty easy. They’re a dime a dozen in Zephyr Concourse and Ahimsa Park, so let’s start culling the hoards there. I think I got around one per four kills.

Acquire Vex data from Maya’s Retreat

“Acquire Vex data” is the politically correct way of saying kill tons of Vex. But in Maya’s Retreat! To get there, head to Ahimsa Park, then go towards the rock wall on the far right, if you used the fast travel point to access it. If you came in via road and Sparrow, go left.

Eventually, you’ll find an inlet in the stone with a path through it. Follow it straight until you cross over two bridges. Expect plenty of Vex resistance… but none of them will give you the data you need.

Instead, once you reach the end of the second bridge, climb the rock wall to find a cavern. In this cavern, there will be a swarm of Goblin and the Vex artifact we need in the back. Take out the Goblins, then get ready for a second swarm of Vex.

Once the Vex waves thin, you’ll see a Harpy with a diamond over its head. Prioritize this Harpy. When you’ve killed the Harpy, approach the neon artifact in the back of the cave and collect the data it stores.

Acquire additional Vex data from the exterior of the Irkalla Complex

Our next step will send us all the way to the Irkalla Complex. We’re really covering all the corners here. To get to the Irkalla Complex, you’ll need to go to Zephyr Concourse. Once you’re in Zephyr Concourse, head West and up the ramp. You’ll see some turnstile terminals. Jump over them and follow the path until you’re in Esi Terminal.

Once you exit Esi Terminal, turn left. Go straight and enter the door at the end of the path. You will know you are in the right place if you see graffiti of a giant blue eye on the right wall just before you enter the door. Is that graffiti… of Ahsa?

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Walk through the building and turn right, exiting out onto a balcony. Platform across the transparent awnings. The moment you land on the first awning, you will be given a notification that you have entered the Irkalla Complex. From the transparent awning, jump down onto the green platform below, then platform into the bar in front of you.

In this bar there’s, thankfully, an ominously glowing portal. Jump through it and you’ll be right outside of Irkalla Complex. Nice! Go through the jagged hole in the Complex’s wall.

In the middle of the complex is another artifact, this time with three Inoculator Harpys surrounding it. Every time you defeat a wave, a Harpy will leave its post at the relic and can be killed. Do so immediately, then repeat the process.

Destroy wave of Vex. Kill Harpy. Destroy wave of Vex. Kill Harpy.

Expect each wave to have its fair share of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Hydra, and Wyverns. But once you’ve taken down all three waves and killed each of the Harpies, you’ll be able to interact with the Vex artifact.

Complete the Mission Parting the Veil

So, this is a little odd! Our quest is called Parting the Veil… but our next step is to complete the mission Parting the Veil. At least we don’t have to go very far.

Head towards the doors up the ramp, and you’ll see a flag with the mission called Parting the Veil. Launch it, and let’s get started.

For the sake of preventing this guide from becoming a novel, I’ll give you a succinct rundown of what you’ll need to do.

  • Jump down the shaft in front of you.
  • Follow the tunnel at the bottom right, right, left, then drop.
  • Turn right at the Ishtar Collective sign, then follow the path down.
  • When you enter the large purple room, go to the center, then turn left and look up. There will be a vent that you can crawl through.
  • When you reach a dead end, turn right, and shoot out the vents.
  • Shoot out the vent at your feet about a meter later.
  • Turn right and follow the purple-lit path.
  • At the first chance to turn left, do so, using a metal ramp.
  • Follow the linear path left, then right.
  • When you reach a neglected-looking room, look at the floor at the far end. Jump into the hole there.
  • Crouch and make your way through the vents.
  • Turn left and take the path that blends into the wall.
  • Follow the path right.
  • When you get to a hole block by railing, jump into it.
  • At the bottom, there will be another hole in the ground with a floor tile moved to mark its location.
  • You’ll reach the terminal room. Upload the data on the far front right terminal.
  • Once the audio log ends, Taken will begin spawning. Move towards the window wall, then jump down.
  • Head through the vent. We’ll be heading towards the arena where we defeated Calus.
  • Follow the path, then turn left. Expect a lot of Taken Phalanx.
  • Jump up where the ladder is, then turn left.
  • Defeat the Phalanx, then jump up the next ladder, turning left.
  • Defeat the Taken Knights, then go down the path, turning right.
  • You’ll slide down the pipes into the boss arena, where you’ll face the Imprint of Nezarec.
    • Prioritize killing the Taken Phalanx, as they’ll knock you off the platform, keep moving, and always aim for the yellow spots on the Imprint’s body. Right shoulder first, then left shoulder, then chest. Stay on the move to keep the Tormentor from freezing you or diving you and knocking you off the platform.
    • The easiest strategy I found was using a machine gun, then using your Ultimate to burst down the rest of the Tormentor’s health.

Meditate on Your Findings

With the Imprint dead, we’ll need to contemplate what we found. Head to the Hall of Heroes, then sit at the table at the Pouka Pond.

Osiris has left us a note. And with it? The Epochal Integration, an already masterworked Hand Cannon. While you’re at the Pouka Pond, check out the Strand Aspects as well. You’ll have a new one available, depending on your class.

For more information on all the new Strand aspects available, check out our guide here: All New Strand Aspects in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep.

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