How to Complete Mythical Dreams in Coral Island

A land of giants and black tentacles

Coral Island is a paradise, but what if it’s not all as it seems? Here’s how to complete Mythical Dreams in Coral Island.

How to Complete Mythical Dreams in Coral Island

On the same night that you complete Sam’s Local Produce Quest, you’ll get an interesting dream once you go to bed. In this dream, you’ll see a glowing ball orbited by petals, which will tell you to seek out the sacred trees.

You’ll then get a vision of four different trees, which are actual locations scattered around the island. Once you wake, you’ll have a new quest, Mythical Dreams.

To complete this quest, you must go to any of the four sacred trees on Coral Island.

There’s essentially one on each cardinal direction, and the closest one is actually directly below your plot of land. This sacred tree is also the only one that can really be seen clearly on the map.

Approach the sacred tree and interact with the altar. An odd being will appear and immediately run away from you. But don’t try to chase them down, you won’t be able to catch them.

Instead, to progress the Mystical Dream quest in Coral Island, you’ll need to go back to sleep. The next morning, you’ll find a letter in your mailbox. The being you met, called Chieftain, will apologize for running away. They’ll then ask that you meet them in the clearing west of your house.

Just follow the trail from your home left (by your perspective), and take the left over the fallen tree to find the clearing. There, you’ll meet Chieftain again. Chieftain will then perform a ritual, where you’ll be surrounded by elemental magic.

This will open your Third Eye, allowing you to read the ancient writing on the ancient monuments scattered around the island.

Now that you have this ability, which will automatically be equipped, you can go to the Lake Temple and speak with the goddess. You’ve got a long road ahead of you!

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