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How to Complete Mission: Jailbreak in Destiny 2

This mission brought to you by cruel coincidence

by Daphne Fama

We finally get a mission that doesn’t involve just doing Defiant Battlegrounds! It’s a springtime miracle. Here’s how to complete Mission: Jailbreak in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Mission: Jailbreak in Destiny 2

Amanda and Crawdaddy Mithrax have gotten into a tight spot in the EDZ. So, it’s up to us to help bail them out of trouble and breach a secret Shadow Legion prison. To start, navigate to the EDZ and select the blue icon just below the Sunken Isles’ quick travel point.

Breach the Shadow Legion Prison

Across the valley, there’s a large tunnel and Cabal. You’ll have some aerial support to distract the Cabal, but expect plenty of resistance. Defeat the Cabal and head into the tunnel.

Follow the Tunnel into the Prison

You’ll have to hoof it through the tunnel, as you don’t have access to your sparrow. Apparently, using your Sparrow will notify the Cabal of your presence. Get to the very end of the tunnel, and you’ll be in a new area called The Tunnels. No one’s giving the Shadow Legion points for creativity here.

Destroy All Armored Units

Armored Units destroyed: 0/3

You’ll enter a large room full of Legionary and a Thresher. But our goal here is to defeat three armored units, the first of which is a Goliath Tank. Switch your heavy weapon to a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher, then grab the heavy ammo box at the opening of the room. That will make finishing these tanks much easier.

Hit the tracks of the Goliath, as that’s its weak point. But once it gets to half health, you’ll see large swarms of Legionary start to fall onto your position. Use the rocks strategically to survive the assault.

The second armored unit is the Thresher. You could climb close to it using the metal structures in the center of the room, which is great if you opted not to go for rocket launchers as your heavy weapon of choice.

The third armored unit is a Goliath Tank, but it’s much harder to get to than the first. That’s because there’s a huge mob of Phalanx, Psions, and two yellow-bar Colossus between you and it. Use the cover in the center of the arena to your advantage, then switch to a scout rifle to take out the Psions on your flank. You can then delete the Phalanx if you like, or simply snipe at the Goliath from afar.

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It has a large health bar, but a decent scout rifle can still cut through it just fine.

Pushing aggressively can be difficult, as the Colossus will slow you, making it difficult for you to dodge the Goliath’s barrage. If you do want to close distance, kill the Colossus and Psions first.

Rendezvous with Amanda

Once the armored units are down, go to the back of the cave where the Goliath Tank was and turn left. There will be a closed door. It won’t stay closed for long. A Psion on an Interceptor will charge through. It’s not really worth driving the Interceptor, as the next boss arena is just around the corner.

For the next fight, a machine gun is ideal. Set down a rally flag, then jump across the broken bridge and enter the next open space. Amanda’s ship is here. And so is a Tormentor.

Defeat Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness

This Tormentor, called Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness, is extremely beefy. Just an absolute bullet sponge. It has two stages we’ll need to worry about.

The first stage is fairly standard. It fights with Cabal, and it does the standard discs of doom and jump combo. When you see the giant purple discs, try to take cover. When it’s about to jump on you, run in any direction.

Stage 2

When you get Vereziia’s health down to about a third, Vereziia will enter its second and last stage. During this stage, Vereziia will “search for your allies,” but don’t worry. Amanda and Mithrax are fine. You’ll need to clear the enemies in the arena, and Vereziia will return. But this time, they’ll summon Taken, who will corrupt the area.

Standing on blighted/black areas will cause damage, and you’ll be beset by swarms of Taken Thralls and other enemies. Defeat the Taken when you can, and it’s safe to do so, but keep 90% of your attention on Vereziia. Vereziia will use very well-telegraphed jump attacks as its primary assault, which is easy to dodge. But getting hit by it is devastating. For that reason, you want to move around the arena as much as possible, dealing damage to Vereziia’s glowing center chest piece whenever you can.

It might take a while, but Vereziia will eventually go down.

Rendezvous with Amanda

With that done, use the ramp on the side left side of the cave to enter the once sealed-off area.

Secret the Hatch

In this upper area, there will be a red monitor. Hack it, and you’ll get a cutscene. I don’t think anyone was expecting that to happen.

For your efforts, you’ll get the Season of Defiance Triumph, Jailbreaker.

Report Back to the Farm

It’s been a hard week. Crow swears vengeance; Mara Sov seeks to speak to you alone.

Speak to Mara Sov

She’ll share a few tender words and what you might expect: a seasonal piece of gear. We’ll have to wait another week to see how this unravels.

In the meantime, if you’re hoping to bring some new blood into your arsenal, why not pick up the Lightfall buffed Wavesplitter? Here’s how to get Wavesplitter in Destiny 2.

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