How to Complete Missing: Mr. Birdie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

Cloud Jr. attracts just as much trouble as Cloud Sr.

If there’s a missing animal out in the world, Cloud will find it guaranteed. Here’s how to complete Missing: Mr. Birdie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7).

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How to Find Mr. Birdie in Missing: Mr. Birdie in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (FF7)

Once you’ve won that Chocobo race and saved Yuffie, Tifa, and Aerith from bandits, you’ll be given free rein of the Corel region. And with that comes a slew of new quests, including Missing: Mr. Birdie. You can pick this quest up from any community board in the Corel Region. So, head to the Dustbowl or North Corel community board to get it.

I recommend North Corel because that’s where this quest kicks off. Once you have the quest in hand, head to the Lookout and make a beeline for the gate near the Corel tavern. Here, you’ll find three children who are our quest givers.

They want you to find Cloud Jr., who’s the little bird you saw at the coal mine before you made it to North Corel. You’ll need to make bird traps and set them near three birdhouses scattered around the Corel Region.

To make a bird trap, you’ll need to first find four Lifesprings in the Corel Region in order to unlock the Deserted Village Excavation Zone.

Once you do that, make a beeline to the Deserted Village near the borderlands, where you can then dig up the Bird Trap using your Chocobo.

The Bird Trap can be found in the middle of the village, near the open space to the left of the main path.

You’ll need to fight a Sandspitter to get to it. Sandspitters are weak to Blizzard, and dodging them when they emerge will pressure them. Once the Sandspitter is dead, you can press up on your D-Pad while on Chocobo to reveal the artifacts’s location just to the right of the blue tarp. Then, press down on your D-Pad to dig up the treasure, which will be the bird trap. There’s also a Karmic Cowl and Armor Upgrades in the area.

The Bird Trap can be crafted using five sprigs of Sage, three handfuls of Mist Seeds, and three sprigs of Marjoram. To craft the Bird Trap, open your Item Transmuter menu and tab over to the Key Items menu to the far right. You’ll need to make three Bird Traps in total. Once you have all three bird traps, we can start hitting those bird houses.

We’ll knock out the closest Old Republic Birdhouse first, which is just to the south of the Gold Saucer. You’ll see a tree with red bark and a cage hanging from its branch. Interact with the cage by pressing the triangle button and Cloud will put the Bird Trap inside.

Next, we’ll tackle the birdhouse in the middle of the map. Simply walk up the hill through the water or use your buggy to make your way across. The red tree will be at the top of the hill. Place your trap within.

Now, there’s just one trap left to place, and it’s to the very far south of the map. Set the trap. Make your way back to the first trap, to the south of the Golden Saucer. From a distance, you’ll be able to see that there are fiends near it. So, get ready to fight.

The enemies you’ll be fighting are Cyclone Drakes, which you’re likely already pretty familiar with. Cyclone Drakes are weak to Aero and have a wind shield that will trigger tornadoes if hit from the front. However, if you hit the Cyclone Drake from behind, the Drake’s shield aura will weaken without triggering tornadoes. Once the aura shield is completely gone, it will be pressured.

Make your way to the second trap, which requires you to ride your buggy through the water. This time, you’ll find Cactrot at the tree. Cactrots are fast and have no weaknesses. But they can be hit when using attacks of their own and can be pressured by using ATB commands.

Now we’ll need to return to the third trap. This time, Cloud Jr. is here, and of course, he’s in trouble. A Gigant Bomb has its eyes set on the Bird Trap, too. Gigant Bomb is immune to Aero, will absorb Fire, and is weak to Blizzard. But to pressure it, you’ll want to inflict enough ice damage when it uses Inflame. But beware, once its HP gets low, it will self-destruct with the move Massive Explosion. Don’t be in its blast radius or, alternatively, burst it down with a Limit or ATB command to kill it before it can use its grand finale.

With Cloud Jr. safe and sound, return to the children to make sure he got home alright. And he is! They’ll then give you your reward:

  • Level Boost Materia.
  • 1,000 EXP.
  • Deepened Relationship with Barret.
  • 10 Party EXP.

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