How to Complete “Missing: Laura” in Dead Island 2

Surely the safest place is a jail cell, right?

Well, we’ve definitely proven that we have a knack for finding missing people. It’s a shame that those people are pretty much always zombies. But closure counts for something, right? So, here’s how to complete Missing: Laura in Dead Island 2.

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How to Find Laura in Dead Island 2

Catastrophes don’t fit themselves into schedules, and it’s a shame that Laura got herself swept into it. And it looks like she might have spent Day 0 in the Venice Police Station. So, let’s find her.

Here’s a quick glance at what we’ll need to do, with an in-depth guide below:

  • Head to Venice Beach
  • Make your way to the Police Station on the beach
  • Scout the police station for any sign of Laura
  • Search for the key to Laura’s Cell
  • Police Chief Malloy has the key to Laura’s Cell. Track him down!
  • Grab the keys to Laura’s cell
  • Open up Laura’s cell…
  • Kill Laura

Get to the Police Station

Once you arrive at the Police Station, you’ll likely find quite a few Apex zombies in front of it. I had a Screamer and a Slobberer. Be mindful of the cars, as they’ll explode and set off an alarm, sending hoards of Riot Geared dead cops to your location.

Scout the Police Station for Laura

Once the zombies are dead, head inside, using the door right of the boarded-up main gates. If you’ve been here before to complete the Cold Pork quest, the station will already be open and easy to pass through. And right beside the drunk tank will be a blue door with which you can finally interact.

The door, naturally, is locked.

Search For the Key to Laura’s Cell

Here are all the clues we need:

  • Arrest Notes of Detainees – inside the adjacent office. Turn right, and it will be on a cabinet beside the metal lockers.
  • Keeper of the Keys – On the desk against the far wall.

The last note will give us what we need. Police Chief Mallory has the key to the cell… and he’s doing some police work by Venice Hotdogs.

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Find Police Chief Malloy

Leave the Police Station and head north toward the surfing shark statue. Fortunately, Venice Hotdogs isn’t too far away. Go to its left side, and you’ll find an unlocked door.

Once you’re inside, turn left, and you’ll find Police Chief Malloy chomping down on someone. Kill him but be wary. The moment you kill him, you’ll get swarmed. Not only will quite a few zombies run into the small hotdog stand, a Firestorm Slobberer will start spitting fire into it as well.

Even in death, he’s a lyricist.

Once they’re all dead, grab the keys and head back to the police station.

Open Up Laura’s Cell…

Well, if you read the first note, you could likely already guess where this was going. Emily was infected and Laura was trapped in the cell with her. And, yep, they’re both dead. Undead. Kill them, and that resolves the case, netting you a nice XP bonus.

If you haven’t completed Cold Pork, might as well do it now! Here’s how to do it: Dead Island 2: How to Complete Cold Pork.

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