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How to Complete Let There Be Light in Destiny 2

Sometimes your real enemy is the randoms on your team

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing most Guardians love, it’s Strikes. The fast-paced action, the almost meditative flow of completing one you know well. But what can trip you up is completing medals or daily bounties for strikes. One challenge that’s given people trouble is “Let There Be Light”. So, let’s dive into how to complete it. Here’s how to Complete Let There Be Light in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Let There Be Light in Destiny 2

It doesn’t matter if you’re here because you’re meticulously trying to finish Guardian Game medals or because you’re struggling with a daily bounty. “Let There Be Light” has the same requirements, which is to rapidly defeat three enemies with your Super ability.

Easier said than done! So, let’s break down strategies.

  • Select a Super that has a large area of effect (preferably). Well of Radiance is a no, Striker is a yes.  
  • Choose Super-building exotics and mods. Any exotic that boosts your class abilities is a good idea, along with mods that create orbs for you to pick up.
  • Select the Guardian Playlist for Strikes.
  • Once you have your Super, run ahead to get to mobs first. If you’re playing with randoms, sometimes you need to prioritize yourself. At least for completing this bounty. Once your Super is charged, run ahead to get to the next area full of enemies and use your Super once you locate a group of at least three enemies. The more enemies, the better.

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  • Repeat until you succeed. It’s possible your Super won’t get all the enemies you need, or maybe your teammates will kill them first. That’s why we have a high Super regenerating build. Just try again, using the same process, and eventually you’ll pop this bounty.

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