How to Complete Jacket of All Trades in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

This looks like Leon's jacket...

Just like the base game, the new Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC features a variety of Merchant Requests for Ada to complete, earning Spinel to exchange for upgrades and items. One special side mission, “Jacket of All Trades,” features an original Resident Evil 4 Easter egg, as Ada is tasked with finding a lost jacket. Here is how to complete “Jacket of All Trades” in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Leon’s Lost Jacket in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In Chapter 3, you will encounter a Merchant Request asking Ada to retrieve a stolen jacket from Inside the Abandoned Factory.

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The Abandoned Factory is found near where the request is acquired, as seen on the map location above. Inside the Factory, many Ganados can be killed by either using stealth, or through a “guns blazing” approach against the Plagas-infested enemies.

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While battling through the dilapidated factory, you will find a Ganado wearing an all-too-familiar jacket. This is a re-creation of a similar event from the original Resident Evil 4, where one possessed villager could be found wearing Leon S. Kennedy’s coat. The enemy can be easily killed just like an other Ganado, but I personally used a combo of a headshot with a grapple melee follow-up, making quick work of the thief.

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Once the Ganado is defeated, he will drop the Jacket. Once the item is picked up and added to the inventory, Ada will remark that it’s Leon’s Jacket.

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Head back to the Merchant and sell the Jacket in exchange for 5,000 Pesetas.

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Upon sale of the stolen item to the Merchant, the “Jacket of All Trades” request will be completed, awarding you Spinel x7 for your efforts in retrieving the lost jacket.

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