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How to Complete Into the Deep in COD DMZ

Let's dive deep into this DMZ mission.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Into The Deep DMZ

Aside from getting all of the Contraband that you can possibly hold, the Call of Duty: DMZ is all about completing missions for various factions. Eventually, the Legion faction will task you with the “Into the Deep” mission that requires a bit of swimming and plenty of eliminations.

The good news for this mission is that you won’t have to go on any errands that task you with finding random objects and delivering them to a hidden room. However, getting kills in the water, or underwater, can be tougher than it sounds. Our DMZ guide will help you easily complete Into the Deep so you can move on to the next mission.

COD DMZ – How to Complete Into the Deep

There are two parts to this water-based mission. For the first part, you’ll need to get eight kills while swimming on Ashika Island. Part two tass players with killing four enemies while underwater on Al Mazrah. We’ll start with the Ashika Island task because it will likely be easier for most players.

The easiest way to get these kills on Ashika Island is to head to the Port Ashika POI located in the southern part of the Exclusion Zone. This area is surrounded by water, and all you need to do is jump in and pick off enemies that are walking around the docks. Afterward, just leave and queue into Al Mazrah.

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For the second part of the Into the Deep DMZ mission, we need to stay underwater when killing enemies. This is tougher, especially on Al Mazrah, but there are ways. Like before, you need a POI that’s surrounded by water, and that’s Sariff Bay on this map, which is also in the south. Dip your head underwater and ensure you’re close to the enemies on the shore so the shots will register. Before you know it, this COD DMZ mission is over.

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