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How to Complete Icy Singularity in Destiny 2

Ooh! Someone didn't proofread.

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2 is a looter shooter set in space that’s gone through many seasons. 19, to be precise. Challenges are woven into those seasons, provided weekly, to give Guardians something to work towards. But as we reach the end of the Season of the Seraph, some challenges prove to be, well, challenging. But not for the right reasons. Here’s how to complete the challenge Icy Singularity in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Icy Singularity in Destiny 2

Each week, we’re granted a series of challenges to complete for either EXP or Bright Dust. There are 72 total, and they range from exceptionally easy to very challenging. But complete them all, and you’ll gain the seasonal reward of a Large Bright Dust Pile, perfect for snagging something in the Eververse store.

But many guardians have found that there’s one challenge in particular that stumping them. And that’s the Icy Singularity Challenge.

This challenge requires Guardians to defeat targets with Void or Stasis effects. Bonus progress for defeating invading Guardians. But it’s likely that if you’ve tried to complete this challenge, it doesn’t matter how many Void or Stasis kills you get, that progress bar refuses to move.

Well, that’s because Bungie forgot to add a keyword. This challenge has to be completed in Gambit. Yeah, it’d be helpful if they included that anywhere on the card. But this isn’t the first time there’s been quest-related confusion. Something similar happened during the Iron Banner quest a few weeks ago, and this was also an issue in a previous season.

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Oh well, they can’t catch everything, can they? Good luck crushing your enemies with the power of space and ice, Guardian!

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