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How to Complete Headstrong in Destiny 2

Tutorial #89. Just give me the subclass already

by Daphne Fama

In our quest to unravel Strand to defeat Calus once and for all, we start the mission, Headstrong. So, let’s get into it. Here’s how to complete Headstrong in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Headstrong in Destiny 2

After a fairly epic cutscene, we regain control of our Guardian. Our goal? Mastering the Strand.

Head to Liming Harbor

We need to find a Strand source, so let’s head to Liming Harbor. The fastest way to Liming Harbor from Strider’s Gate is to jump off the building, get on your sparrow, and head left. We’ll be taking the road that goes to Ahimsa Park. By following this road without deviation, we’ll be Liming Harbor in no time at all.

Follow the Strand Energy Source

As you enter Liming Harbor, there will be a Strand node beside the road. Jump off your Sparrow and interact with it.

Head right towards the Lost Sector near the fans. You’ll see some Vex. Kill them, and a few Harpy will spawn.

There are two types of Harpy: Cation and Anion. You can tell their names by looking down your scope at them. You’ll need to kill them in the following order:


  • Cation Harpy
  • Anion Harpy
  • Cation Harpy

Doing so will unlock the gate behind them. Enter the arcade area that was blocked off, then turn left through the door. In the distance, you’ll see a Strand Orb. Grapple towards it. Follow the orbs and you’ll eventually land on the ground in an open area with plenty of supply crates and Vex.

Kill the Vex. There will be plenty of Goblin, two Malignant Minotaur, and a Cyclops. Once this hoard is down, a new hoard of Harpy will appear. Kill them in the following order:


  • Anion Harpy
  • Cation Harpy
  • Cation Harpy

The barrier into the ship will drop. Enter the ship and cross through, heading towards the cliffs in the far distance. We’ll need to grapple up them to access the next Strand node.

Reflect on Your Strand Training

Interact with the Strand Node. You’ll gain a new Strand ability, which will include an interaction with your grapple and finisher.

Now, Head back to the open space near the ship where you just grappled from. You’ll need to defeat the Vex. There will be dozens of Goblins, at least two Minotaur, and one Malignant Wyvern. Once you bring down the Wyvern down, another Wyvern and two Minotaur will spawn.

Once they’re defeated, you’ll lose your Strand subclass and revert to your original one.

Complete Osiris’s Training Program

Osiris wants you to use a Vex subroutine in order to test your new access to the Strand subclass. So, head back into the ship. Turn left and you’ll see a set of stairs with some cool glowy blocky effects that are very much in the Vex style. Enter the room at the top of the stairs and jump on the platform.

From here, jump onto the next floor. Just past the yellow cargo crates, you can turn left. Meander down the hall and you’ll enter the Radiosonde.

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Turn right, and you’ll need to platform over the abyss using the Lego platform to your right. At the end of the hall will be a glass door. Break it.

At the center of the room, Fanatics, two Minotaur, and three Harpy will spawn. Kill the Fanatics and Minotaurs and another round of Fanatics will spawn. Defeat all the Vex within.

Move forward and a new hoard of Harpy will spawn. This is our usual puzzle, but a bit longer and with regular Harpy mixed in.

The code you’ll to input by killing Harpy is:


  • Cation Harpy
  • Anion Harpy
  • Cation Harpy
  • Anion Harpy
  • Cation Harpy

With that done, head into the center towards the sinkhole. Step inside. You’ll be in a Vex program with a Strand node in front of you. Interact with it.

Complete Osiris’s Training Program: Exit as quickly as possible!

You’ll then have a chance to put down a campaign banner. Ominous! With that done, head for the pyramid shaped door. There will be a green node that you can grapple to. But get across the chasm however you like. Falling will not kill you.

Platform through the next section, then hit the floor. There will be a small door you can crouch walk through to enter the next section.

This entire segment is essentially another Strand tutorial. Kill the Goblins however you like. It all counts, then make your way across into the Diamond ramp.

Boss Fight

You’ll land in a small room that has a rotating plane of death. Touch it, and you’ll begin to take damage. That would be easy to handle by itself, but the room will slowly fill with Vex. Goblins, a Wyvern, and once those hoards are dealt with, the real boss: Ioneon, System Control Flow.

Ioneon is essentially a giant Minotaur that will periodically set you on fire. Fortunately, using your Super against him is very effective. You’ll just need to keep running around the room, killing mobs, and whittling away at the big boss until it goes down.

Contact Nimbus

You’ll spawn at the start point of the obstacle course but turn around. In the back corner, a teleporter will spawn. This will get us back to the real world. It’s like a giant digital tube.

And, yep! That’s it. Nice mission, Guardian.

If you’re in Ahimsa Park and you’re wondering what that Antennae does, check out our guide here: What to Do With the Antennae From the Munitions Psion in Destiny 2,

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