How to Complete Corroding Mettle in Diablo 4

Two wayward sons and a worried father

There is no shortage of quests in the Dry Steppes, but one might stump you if you’re not careful. So, why not make the journey significantly easier with all the locations and answers right here at your fingertips? Here’s how to complete Corroded Mettle in Diablo 4.

How to Beat Corroding Mettle Quest in Diablo 4

If you’ve spoken to Siban in Ked Bardu, you’ll know he’s just a dad worried about his two sons. So, why not try to put those anxieties to rest? Here are the succinct steps you’ll need to take and a more in-depth guide below.

  • Speak to Siban in Ked Bardu to start the quest. (A on map)
  • Find Siban’s sons in Jirandai. (B on map)
  • Go north of Jirandai to find Khada’s caravan. (C on map)
  • Find Khada.
  • Return to Jirandai and tell Ordun what you found.
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After speaking to Siban, you’ll need to check up on his sons in Jirandai. Jirandai is a small city located almost directly South of Ked Bardu, just below the Fields of hatred. From Jirandai’s Waypoint, head south and follow the leftmost wall to find Ordun, one of Siban’s sons.

Speak to Ordun, and he’ll whine about how overbearing his father is. But he will tell you where to find the second brother, Khada.

Khada’s caravan is located just to the North of Jirandai in the Fields of Broken Spears. You might have even passed it if you go to Jirandai on horseback. Head to the blue way marker, and you’ll find a caravan surrounded by insects and a long blood streak.

Head a little north of the cart, and you’ll find the area absolutely swarming with Cannibals. Kill them, and just to the left of the nearby Cannibal’s Hold Cellar will be Khada’s corpse. Interact with it to learn Khada’s fate.

Screenshot by Prima Games | Body located in the green circle

A few people have encountered bugs at this step, with the NPC not spawning. This usually occurs because of a Helltide. If a Helltide is in the area, come back when it’s complete, and the NPC should spawn.

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Once you know what happened to Khada, return to Jirandai and tell Ordun what you found. Ordun will bear the burden of telling his father what happened. But that’s the end of the quest for you. For your effort, you’ll get Renown, a piece of armor that should match your World Tier, and an Ore Cache.

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