Diablo 4: How to Get the Caged Heart of the Barber

Use your wrath for loot.

Heart of the Barber Diablo 4
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As players figure out how good some of the Malignant Hearts can be, the Caged Heart of The Barber is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after in Diablo 4. This heart has the potential to dish out some massive damage, and I’ll explain how you can get the heart for yourself in this guide.

Where to Get the Caged Heart of The Barber in Diablo 4

You can get the Caged Heart of the Barber by defeating Wrathful Malignant monsters on World Tier 3 or above. Wrathful enemies will spawn on lower tiers, even if they may be a lot rarer, but they won’t drop this heart regardless. So if you’re working toward The Barber specifically, then you certainly want to finish the first Capstone dungeon.

Wrathful monsters themselves are much harder to find than the other three, but you have a chance to spawn them yourself with the Malignant Outgrowths. At the end of each Malignant Tunnel, there is an extra room with two different colors for the Outgrowths. The light blue orbs signify that you can spawn a Wrathful enemy. However, you need a Wrathful Invoker before you can start that battle.

Diablo 4 Caged Heart of The Barber Effects Explained

The Caged Heart of the Barber causes your target to absorb all damage taken after a critical strike for up to four seconds at a time. After those four seconds end, all the damage spikes at once and explodes in the area as well. Each additional second that the effect lasts will increase the damage by 10%.

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When you get to World Tier 3, and you see some massive bosses taking no damage for extended periods, this is exactly why. Diablo 4 players are catching on to The Barber Malignant Heart, so expect to see more builds using it around Sanctuary.

Once you can start looking for the heart yourself, check out our guide on how to get Wrathful Invokers in Diablo 4.

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