How to Complete Blood Money in Diablo 4

I'm sure those merchants are fine!

Season 2 of Diablo 4 starts off with a mystery. And that mystery involves figuring out why a caravan hasn’t made its way back to Ked Bardu. So, where are those mystery merchants? Here’s how to find the merchants in Diablo 4’s quest: Blood Money.

How to Find the Missing Caravan in Diablo 4 Season 2

Ked Bardu’s magistrate has one thing on his mind: money, and the losses a caravan of missing merchants represents. To that end, he sends you to Scosglen to try to find out where they’ve gone.

In true Diablo fashion, you might expect them to be bloody smears along the roadside, with bandits picking at their corpses. But the truth is much more grim. To find the merchants, you’ll need to go North of Ked Bardu and head to the Wayside Cave.

The quest will begin with a vague, massive green circle in Scosglen. But here’s the precise location, which will appear on your map once you get close it. Click to expand the image.

This cave will be absolutely surrounded by murderous trees and spiders. But dive right in, and you’ll find Blood Reavers and a Crimsonblade guarding an Opulent Coffin.

Examine the Opulent Coffin after you’ve handled the Blood Reavers, and it will explode forth with a dozen or so bats and an Accursed Bat. This is likely your first experience with the new seasonal Elite Enemy. He’s not particularly difficult to take down.

Once you do so, you’ll get an item for your specific class and 30 Potent Blood, which will be key to unlocking and upgrading your Vampiric Powers in the seasonal tab of your inventory, which will only become available after you’ve completed the campaign, or you’ve progressed far enough into the Seasonal Quest.

You can obtain more Potent Blood from Blood Harvest, Blood Seekers, and Opulent Coffins.

As for the merchants, well. You’re carrying a bit of them in your inventory, in the form of that blood. Better report the sad news to the Magistrate in Ked Bardu, which will start you on the new quest, The Hunter’s Chase.  

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