How to Complete Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3

The best robes are one murder away

The Wavemother demands vengeance. Here’s how to complete Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Complete Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3

Avenge the Drowned is one of those quests you can easily lock yourself out of. Be sure to do this quest before you complete the Iron Throne in Baldur’s Gate 3!

Avenge the Drowned is a quest you can get from Flood Tide Allandra Grey in the Water Queen’s House to the very southwest of Lower City. Allandra Grey will be presiding over a funeral. And if you speak to her and offer something (a prayer is sufficient), you can start the quest Avenge the Drowned.

Allandra will only tell you that the deceased was killed while she was swimming by something that bled black into the ocean. A machine of some sort. You can use Speak to the Dead on Holli, the corpse they’re singing over, to learn that the monster was a machine that attacked her at Greyharbor.

Holli is referring to the submarine that takes prisoners down to the Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne is an underwater prison that can only be accessed via submarine. The submarine is manned by a dwarf, who we’ll need to kill to complete Avenged the Drowned. Here’s what you’ll need to do in order.

Step 1: Make Your Way to Flymm’s Cargo

Flymm’s Cargo is across the harbor. There are two entry points. Once on the ground and the second from the balcony. I recommend the balcony, as the refugees near the ground door will stop you from lockpicking the one near them. You can use Darkness to avoid detection, however.

If you don’t have Darkness equipped, you can climb on the roof from the front of the warehouse and jump down onto the balcony.

Step 2: Enter the Basement

Once inside, you’ll find five Monstrosities. They’re clearly pets, but they’ll immediately get aggressive once they see you. Kill them, then grab the key on the table on the ledge. This key will let you open the side door where the refugees are without setting off any alarm bells.

When you have the key, drag the crates off the basement hatch in the corner of the warehouse.

Step 3: Kill Redhammer the Deviser or Let Him Go

At the end of the basement, you’ll see Redhammer the Deviser on a walkway over a submarine. To complete this quest quickly, kill him and return to Allandra. But you also have the opportunity to spare him.

What Happens if you Kill Redhammer the Deviser in Baldur’s Gate 3?  – Answered

If you opt to kill Redhammer, you can still pilot the submarine yourself. You can do this by clicking on the hatch of the submarine.

You’ll be able to loot his body, which has middling good. After, go to Allandra to let her know the beast master is dead. She’ll reward you with the Wavemother’s Robes. The Wavemother’s Robe is a niche piece of armor. You’ll need to be standing in water to really see it shine. But it’s easily one of the best cosmetics in game for both men and women.

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What Happens if You Spare Redhammer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

If you opt to spare Redhammer and continue the Iron Throne as normal, the Iron Throne will explode. This will devastate the nearby ocean, and understandably, Allandra will be furious. She and her guards will be waiting for you when you leave the submarine.

During this moment, you’ll have the chance to give Redhammer to Allandra to execute. This is your last opportunity to do so. If you don’t, you’ll need to kill Allandra and her five guards.


Prioritize the Dark Breakers, as they’ll continuously summon Water Elementals.

After you defeat Allandra, you can loot the unique item the Wavemother’s Sickle from her. This is one of a very limited number of sickles available in the game, but to really see it shine, you’ll need to use it against creatures you intend to make wet.

Redhammer will also give you 300~ Gold for not giving him to the Wavemother.

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