How to Complete Automated Backup in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

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Automated Backup is an Act 1 story mission in the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and part of the Tier 3 set of missions required to complete. This guide will show players exactly what to do to finish the challenge.

How to Complete Automated Backup Mission in MW3 Zombies

Completing the Automated Backup mission requires activating three Deadbolt Turrets with Ammo Mod Circuit Boards. These boards are blue Rare items that can be found around the map, usually in reward caches by completing contracts and other points of interest.

One of the best options to get three Ammo Mod Circuit Boards quickly is to complete Infested Strongholds. These reward with several caches that could give at least one, but this is not guaranteed.

Then, players will have to find three Deadbolt Turrets, noted by the turret icons on the map. Interact with them and deposit one Ammo Mod Circuit Board to start up the turret.

You will have to do this another two times and should use different turrets to make sure it counts. Some players have reported progress not counting even with different turrets, but getting more boards and trying again can work.

Automated Backup Mission Rewards in MW3 Zombies

Players will receive the Death Perception Acquisition and 1,500 XP as rewards for completing the mission. Death Perception is a perk that gives caches and other lootable objects an orange outline that can be seen through walls. The Acquisition is a one-time use and will be located in the rewards tab of the stash.

Completing the mission will also fully finish the Tier 3 set of missions if done last. Then, players can move on to the Tier 4 missions containing only one mission.

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