How to Complete Art Dealer in Starfield

Art, credits, it's all the same.

Who doesn’t like art? Particularly rare art? Samson Cebrail certainly does, and he’s sent us to go get it for him from Zoe herself. Here’s how to complete Art Dealer in Starfield.

How to Complete Art Dealer in Starfield

Speak to Samson Cebrail, and he’ll ask you to pick up a fine piece of artwork from Zoe Kaminski at the Trade Authority. You know, the organization that’s known for its completely legitimate, un-stolen goods.

Well, I’m not here to judge. And Zoe isn’t hard to find. She’s in The Well in New Atlantis. And to get to The Well, we need to head to the Spaceport, if you’re not already there.

In fact, the elevator is right beside Jemison Mercantile, where you’ll find Samson, our quest giver. Just head outside of Jemison Mercantile and enter the narrow corridor between it and Terrabrew Coffee. There, you’ll find an elevator that will take you to The Well.

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Speak to Zoe

Once you’re in The Well, head down the stairs and turn left. You’ll immediately see the Security Force. Go past it, following the hall, then turn right when you hit the wall.

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You’ll see the big Trade Authority sign on a yellow background.

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Zoe is in the Trade Authority. You might have had a run-in with her if you completed the quest Alternating Currents.

She’ll be right behind the desk inside. Tell her you want Samson’s art.

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Cheerfully, she’ll tell you she’s already altered the ownership of the piece of art. Which, yeah, means it’s stolen. If you tell her you want to return it because of how morally dubious all of this is, she’ll reject you, telling you all sales are final.

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Bring the Art Back to Samson

At least get your reward out of this shady deal. Return to Samson in the Spaceport in Jemison Mercantile. He’ll be annoyed if you mention the fact that it’s dirty business. But worse, he won’t give you any extra credits for your guilt trip.

Your reward will be 3,000 Credits.

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