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How to Collect all the Different Goat Horns in Minecraft

Minecraft’s First Playable Instrument

by Jordan Lemons

While having been around longer than you think, it wasn’t until 1.9 that the Goat Horn became as unique an item as it is. With many different variations, this horn can be heard up to 256 blocks away and is a great way to keep in touch with fellow players. Or if you just like to get musical with it, then it’s a fun collection to have. Here’s how to collect all the different goat horns in Minecraft.

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How to Properly Retrieve Goat Horns in Minecraft

Unlike many other mobs, Goats will not drop either of their horns if you go around slaying them with your sword. You’ll need to practice your dodging skills when it comes to this mob since you’ll be baiting it to charge at you. Goat Horns can only be retrieved once they are dropped from the Goat after it impacts a solid block.

The types of solid blocks that count for the Goat to drop a Horn include: Stone, Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Emerald Ore, Packed Ice, and Logs. Goats will lower their head when they’ve locked onto a target and as long as they hit one of these previously mentioned blocks, they will drop one of the many variants of Horns. 

Only one Horn will drop when the Goat hits the solid block, but if you aim to try and collect all the different types, then that will be all you need. When a goat drops a horn, it is entirely random what kind of horn they will drop. But if you plan on getting the other horn from the goat, it’s best to move on. If your goat drops the “Yearn” horn, then the other horn that is going to drop from the Goat is going to be the same. Goats’ horns, while random, will be the same type from each specific goat.

Different Variants of the Goat Horns

Sure enough, there are eight different types of Goat Horns that you can collect: Ponder, Sing, Seek, Feel, Admire, Yearn, Call, and Dream. Each of these horns will produce a different and unique sound based on its name. To collect them all, however, you’ll need to locate two different types of Goats.  

At first glance, you’ll notice that there really isn’t much of a difference between any of the goats, not even in their coat. Unlike the Llamas, Goats only have one type of look aside from losing one or both Horns. Though if you keep an ear out, you’ll soon find out why they name it the Screaming Goat – because they are loud. Finding one quiet Goat and one that Bleats, you’ll be able to find all of the different types of Goat Horns. Eventually. 

Normal GoatsScreaming Goats

It’ll still require trying to find quite a few Goats to go through their horns, trying to find the one that you don’t have. But as long as you keep to the Jagged Peaks Biome in the Mountains, you should be able to find plenty as they’ll continue to spawn during their day. 

Goat Horns can also spawn in Pillager Outposts. After an outpost has been conquered, or you speed your way past the stairs avoiding all the crossbow arrows, the Treasure Chests at the top of the Outpost have a chance of holding one of the eight types of Goat Horns.

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