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How to Collect a Golden Egg in Fortnite Spring Breakout

No goose this time.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Golden Egg Fortnite

One of the constant themes for the Spring Breakout event in Fortnite this year is eggs, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise with Easter just around the corner. One of the major quests calls for players to find laid eggs around the map, but one in particular asks players to collect a Golden Egg.

This quest is part of the rotating objectives that can change on a daily basis and will give players the opportunity to collect all of the Spring Breakout rewards before the event ends in early April. To help you take advantage of the latest Golden Egg task, our guide is here to outline the process.

Fortnite Spring Breakout – How to Collect a Golden Egg

Eggs in the past have usually given players some additional health and the ability to bounce much further when jumping. They would also be found in nests around the battle royale map. For Chapter 4 Season 2 in Fortnite, the eggs work a bit differently, and they’re attached to chickens instead.

While the Spring Breakout Easter event is live, there will be different colored chickens all over the map that randomly lay three different types of eggs. Most of them will be healing eggs or hop eggs, but a select few will come out as Golden Eggs. So you’ll have to deal with some luck in this challenge.

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If you can’t collect a Golden Egg just by searching the map, then your best bet is to follow a chicken. The odds are that the chicken will eventually drop a gold version or another chicken will hatch and do the same. Within no time, you should find the egg and you can easily collect your gold in Fortnite.

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