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How to Clear your Army in Minecraft Legends

Casualties are inevitable

by Patrick Souza

When you’re in imminent peril during a Minecraft Legends session, it gets harder to make important decisions. And when you finally come to your senses, you’re now stuck with 10 Mossy Golems you made on sheer impulse and no practical use for them all. So what can you do now to get rid of them? Here’s what you need to do to clear your army in Minecraft Legends.

How to Clear Your Army in Minecraft Legends

As strange as it may seem, there isn’t a proper way of disposing of unnecessary units in your army. You’re stuck with waiting for them to die or resorting to some other methods before even being able to progress through some moments that will require a specific Golem type. Well, here are some of your alternatives:

1 – Drown Them in Lava

Killing your own Golems is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s the only way to proceed. Gather your army and order them to advance through the nearest lava pit you can find. If there’s no lava next to you, teleport somewhere you can find it such as northeast of the Well of Fate. They won’t willingly dip into lava, so keep ordering them repeatedly until they burn. It feels bad for the Golems, but it’s all for the Overworld’s sake. No cost too great.

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2 – Fast Traveling Away From Them

If you prefer to see them simply disappearing, you can make the game despawn them for you. Send them an advance order and open your map. Start hopping from the various zones you can Fast Travel to until you see your unit numbers going down. It’s inconsistent and won’t always work. Sometimes only a few Golems will disappear, but this method works.

3 – Send Them to Die 

If you don’t feel like disposing of them like that, just send them to a certain death against a pack of Piglins. Send them in smaller packs of 2 or 3 against bigger swine hordes so they are certain to die. I felt obliged to do it quite a few times as it was the easiest method to swap units during battle.

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It’s very possible that a proper method of clearing your army during battle may arrive at a later Legends update. But currently, we’re stuck with doing it the hard way. Sorry Golems, we’ll never forget you all.

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