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How to Claim Meet Your Maker Rewards in Dead by Daylight

Nothing says Dead by Daylight like a charm you probably won't wear

by Daphne Fama

Behavior Interactive is best known for their cult classic game, Dead by Daylight. But with Meet Your Maker being their next release, you might be wondering if there are a few cool charms you can get in DBD to celebrate this new release. Here’s how to claim Meet Your Maker Rewards in Dead by Daylight.

How to Claim Meet Your Maker Rewards in Dead by Daylight

If you’ve played any amount of Dead by Daylight the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard an eerie noised followed by the spawning of a few colorful vials. These vials, called Genmat Barrels, are connected to Behavior’s newest game release, Meet Your Maker.

There are three colors you can find, each related to a particular type of reward. Here’s how to get all three.

Red Genmat Barrels

Red Genmat Barrels are the first you’re likely to encounter, as they spawn 20 seconds are the Trial starts. By interacting with it, you’ll obtain 200 Bloodpoints. You’ll need to escape the Trial after claiming the Genmat in order to get its associated reward: The HRV Figurine. This is a Charm you can equip to your character’s belt.

The HRV Figurine description states: “An engineered creature built to carry genetic material.”

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Green Genmat Barrels

Green Genmat Barrels only spawn after the Killer has hooked survivors a total of four times or if the Survivors have repaired at least two generators.

You’ll then need to hunt down the Green Genmat, claim it, and escape the Trial. If you do so successfully, you’ll be able to claim The Chimera Figurine, which is also a Charm.

The Chimera Figurine description states: “A hybrid human thirsting for power to defy extinction.”

Blue Genmat Barrels

The Blue Genmat Barrel is the hardest to find. It only begins spawning once the endgame collapse begins. Find it, interact with it, and escape with it to claim The Custodian Figurine.

The Custodian Figurine description states: “A clone designed to protect the Chimera.”

While survivors have to escape while holding this Genmat, Killers need only to end the Trial.

Rewards for Owning Both Meet Your Maker and Dead by Daylight

If you own Meet Your Maker and Dead by Daylight, you’ll also have access to certain exclusive items.

Meg Thomas – Pentekath’s Suit – Very Rare
A highly developed technological suit with unknown components from her favorite game.

The Huntress – Toothed Axe – Very Rare
An axe with a serrated blade for maximum damage.

The Trapper – Crunching Blade – Very Rare
A weapon made from unfamiliar scrap that inflicts severe flesh injuries.

The Wraith – Biomechanical Spine – Very Rare
This bizarre sub-clone results from an unknown technology combined with organic material.

To claim these exclusive rewards, just open the cosmetic menus for Meg, The Huntress, The Trapper, or The Wraith. The cosmetics will automatically be available.

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