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How to Check CS:GO Trust Factor

Be good, or your matches are going to get nasty.

by Shawn Robinson

When it comes to any competitive online game, and especially with games as big as CS:GO, it’s important to manage your community correctly. There are bound to be plenty of bad actors in matches of any big game, so ensuring that those wanting to play a normal match get to do just that is important. CS:GO does this through Trust Factor matchmaking, though how you check it can be quite unorthodox. Here’s how to check your Trust Factor in CS:GO.

How Can You See Your Trust Factor in CS:GO?

It is sadly impossible to see your exact Trust Factor in CS:GO, but there is a fairly odd method of knowing your rough standing. To check this, ensure your account has Prime status (which is given to previous purchasers of CS:GO or those who spend $20) along with a friend of yours, then have that friend join your lobby. Provided both your Trust Factors aren’t equal, your friend may get a message along the lines of “Your matchmaking experience may be slightly impacted because Trust Factor of (player) is lower than yours.” If they see this, then your Trust Factor is low. You can also join your friend’s lobby to see if theirs is low if you wish.

While exact parameters for what determines Trust Factor aren’t specified, the best way to ensure it remains in good standing is by being a good member of the CS:GO community. This would include not cheating (obviously) but also not griefing teammates, throwing games, or acting toxic in voice or text chat. Having that Prime status we mentioned helps as well.

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If you end up with a low Trust Factor score, you’ll be put up with players of similar Trust Factor. Naturally, this will lead to worse games and may even include matches with suspected cheaters. As such, ensure you’re behaving in chat and game and you should be just fine. In case you want to get Prime Status in CS:GO to kick things off, check out our guide.

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