How To Change Your Appearance In Sun Haven

New year, new me.

Sun Haven takes what made Stardew Valley great and continues to build upon it. Gone are the days of needing to do 15 favors for a creepy wizard in the woods, now that we can just walk into a building and change how we want to look. If you’ve grown bored of your current attire, don’t fret; you’ll get the perfect chance to change up your style shortly after starting up the game. But, much like everything when it comes to farming simulators, you’re going to need to put in some work, while your neighbors stand around and just watch. Let’s get ready to get fashion forward and find out how to change our styles in Sun Haven.

How To Unlock The Salon And Clothing Store In Sun Haven

As you venture toward the town center, you’ll notice a few dilapidated buildings that look like they’re in dire need of some TLC. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go chase any waterfalls here or perform any sort of trickery, you’ll just need some materials. Both the Salon and Clothing Store have seen better days, so get ready to gather up the following items:

  • Salon Requires:
    • 30 Wood Planks, 10 Fabric, 3,000 Gold
  • Clothing Store Requires:
    • 25 Wood Planks, 5 Fabric, 3,000 Gold

Why the clothing store requires less fabric is beyond me, but once you obtain these materials, you’ll just need to revisit the shops to start rebuilding them to their former glory. It may take you a while since you’re going to be on the search for plenty of Silk that you can turn into Fabric using the Loom, but once you can make this happen, you’ll be in 7th Heaven now that you can purchase some new clothing and finally trim your hair.

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Several DLC packs come with exclusive clothing items, and they’re reasonably priced. If you want to skip out on the hassle of rebuilding these stores or trying to find a mount, you can just pay your way to the top. You can always fix these buildings up on a later day if you decide to go this route.

Can You Change Character Appearance After Starting Sun Haven?

If you’ve grown tired of your standard look, or your multiplayer partner has joined the game and looks way better than you do, you may be hoping that you can mess with your character appearance after starting up your adventure. Thankfully, later in the game, you can unlock Transformation Potions that will allow you to change your character into just about anything you would like them to be.

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You can unlock these potions by visiting Bernards Shop inside of the town hall, or if you are hoping to transform into something a little more magical, you can also get some from the Nel’Vari village once you have finally unlocked that location. It’s a great way to keep things feeling fresh, and you can always go back to your original look at any time.

Now that you’re ready to start giving the town the drip it deserves, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Sun Haven section below. There are countless things you can do in this world, so let us be your guide as you start up your new adventure as a farmer in an unknown world.

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