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How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft (2023)

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by Shawn Robinson
Minecraft Tick Speed Examples

Minecraft uses a fairly interesting way to calculate time. Instead of using a clock similar to most games out there, Minecraft measures a small amount of time as a tick. This isn’t related to the time of day, but rather relates to other parts of Minecraft where something will change based on the amount of ticks that have passed. How you change this can be a little bit confusing though. Here’s how to change the tick speed in Minecraft.

What is the Tick Speed Command in Minecraft?

To change your tick speed, you’re first going to need cheats to be enabled on your world. This can be done either when you create the world, or by opening your world to LAN in the pause menu and allowing cheats. Once you’re sure it’s enabled, head into the chat of your world and type in “/gamerule randomTickSpeed X” with the X being the tick speed you want. By default, the speed is three on Java and one on Bedrock. If you want the tick speed to be slower, you’ll want a value of either one or two. If you want it to be faster, you can set it to any speed above three and expect it to be considerably faster.

To give a few examples of its usefulness, tick speed affects things like the speed at which crops grow, vines spread, the spreading of fire, copper oxidization, and more. Particularly for that last one, setting the tick speed to be higher can save a ton of time. It is considered cheating though since you’re modifying the game to have unintended behaviors. But hey, who’s policing it?

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