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How to Change Server Settings in V Rising

Getting under the hood.

by Nikola L

Having your own private server for any game is always a fun experience since you have the freedom to fine-tune the settings to better suit the needs of you and your friends. In this guide, we’ll go through the process of changing the server settings on your own server in V Rising.

How to Modify Server Settings in V Rising

There are two ways to host your own server. One is from your own computer, and the second one is a rental from GPORTAL which is officially endorsed by Stunlock Games, and we’ll cover both in this article.

How to Change Dedicated Private Server Settings in V Rising

Settings are changed by editing a .json file called “ServerGameSettings” and is located in:
Steam > steamapps > common > VRising > VRising_Server > VRisingServer_Data > StreamingAssets > Settings. You can open this file with Notepad (or even better, Notepad++ as it will provide a better overview) and change whatever you want. Please note that you should restart your server for changes to take effect.

How to Change GPORTAL Server Settings in V Rising

  1. Open the official GPORTAL website in your browser of preference.
  2. Log in at the bottom left of the screen if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Click on “My Servers” option.
  4. Select the server that you want to modify.
  5. Click on the “Basic Settings” and change all the options you want in the next menu.

Below, we will supply some of the Server Settings that you can alter on your own:

  • AllowGlobalChat
  • AllWaypointsUnlocked
  • AnnounceSiegeWeaponSpawn
  • BloodBoundEquipment
  • BloodDrainModifier
  • BloodEssenceYieldModifier
  • BuildCostModifier
  • CanLootEnemyContainers
  • CastleBloodEssenceDrainModifier
  • CastleDamageMode
  • CastleDecayRateModifier
  • CastleHeartDamageMode
  • CastleMinimumDistanceInFloors
  • CastleSiegeTimer
  • CastleStatModifiers_Global
  • CastleUnderAttackTimer
  • ClanSize
  • CraftRateModifier
  • Death_DurabilityFactorLoss
  • Death_DurabilityLossFactorAsResources
  • DeathContainerPermission
  • DisableDisconnectedDeadEnabled
  • DisableDisconnectedDeadTimer
  • DismantleResourceModifier
  • DropTableModifier_General
  • DropTableModifier_Missions
  • DurabilityDrainModifier
  • EquipmentStatModifiers_Global
  • FreeCastleClaim
  • FreeCastleDestroy
  • GameModeType
  • GameTimeModifiers
  • GarlicAreaStrengthModifier
  • HolyAreaStrengthModifier
  • InactivityKillEnabled
  • InactivityKillSafeTimeAddition
  • InactivityKillTimeMax
  • InactivityKillTimeMin
  • InactivityKillTimerMaxItemLevel
  • InventoryStacksModifier
  • JournalVBloodSourceUnitMaxDistance
  • MaterialYieldModifier_Global
  • PlayerDamageMode
  • PvPProtectionMode
  • PvPVampireRespawnModifier
  • RecipeCostModifier
  • RefinementCostModifier
  • RefinementRateModifier
  • RelicSpawnType
  • RepairCostModifier
  • ResearchCostModifier
  • ResearchTimeModifier
  • ServantConvertRateModifier
  • ShowSiegeWeaponMapIcon
  • SiegeWeaponHealth
  • SilverStrengthModifier
  • StarterEquipmentId
  • StarterResourcesId
  • SunDamageModifier
  • TeleportBoundItems
  • UnitStatModifiers_Global
  • UnitStatModifiers_VBlood
  • UnlockedAchievements
  • UnlockedResearchs
  • VampireStatModifiers
  • VBloodUnitSettings
  • VSCastleWeekdayTime
  • VSCastleWeekendTime
  • VSPlayerWeekdayTime
  • VSPlayerWeekendTime

We hope that you’ll enjoy tailoring the server to your needs and that you and your friends will have a great time. Feel free to check out our other V Rising guides under the game tag below!

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