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Where to Get Golden Jewelry in V Rising: Golden Jewelry Locations

by Nikola Pajtic

V Rising is full of materials that you will need to gather. Some are more important than others for creating your dream vampire stronghold and improving weapons and armor. Survival is far easier when you have vampire powers, but you can’t live too long in Vandoran without the essentials, and Gold Jewelry is one of them. Here’s where to get Golden Jewelry in V Rising.

Golden Jewelry Locations in V Rising

Gold Jewelry is used to craft Gold Ingot, yet another vital Reagent in V Rising needed to improve armor and weapon damage.

It is a late-game item and most of it can be found in the Silverlight Hills region of the map. It is rather challenging to obtain it as it is primarily found in the dangerous areas of the location.

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It is dropped by any human mobs within the region, but the best locations to obtain the Gold Ingot ingredient are the districts of Brighthaven. 

Enemies you will stumble upon are mostly level 68+, but they will drop Golden Jewelry after killing them. Most of these enemies are Paladins and the Wizards, roaming around the Cathedral and Fortress of Light areas. 

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The areas where you’ll find the most mobs are the following:

  • Fortress of Light
  • Army Outposts
  • Brighthaven Square
  • Brighthaven Cathedral
  • Sacred Silver Mine
  • Harpy Nest
  • Emberleaf Grove

Moreover, you will find Golden Jewelry in the chests in the Silverlight Hills region.  Unfortunately for you, some areas have a high Holy Aura, so be sure to have some of the Holly Resistance Potions with yourself when journeying.

Another way of getting Gold Jewelry is to try fighting the V-Blood bosses in the Dunley Farmlands. This is done midway in the game and only if you don’t have good enough weapons and armor to fight high-level mobs. 

This is all you need to know to get Gold Jewelry in V Rising, and if you are stuck in the game, make sure to check other helpful guides, including  How to Craft Copper Ingots in V Rising

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