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How to Catch the Here and There Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Blobfish in the Valley?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Pride of the Valley Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the Pride of the Valley update in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Villagers have plenty of new items to add to their collection, and that includes a brand new fish. The Here and Now Fish is a rare catch that players can pursue, and it has some decent benefits to energy if you can manage the hook.

At this point in the game, many Villagers already have access to the tools they need and the supporting items for a much rarer catch, which will be a huge help in the update. In our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide, we’ll outline where to find the new fish and how to increase your odds.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Catch the Here and There Fish

There isn’t a definitive location for the new fish in the Pride of the Valley update. Players simply need to fish around the Village, whether it’s the new Realm or not, around morning and evening. Essentially, you can catch the fish at nearly any point as you explore or go fishing.

However, it’s a rare catch and is part of the random catch pool as you toss your line into the water. There’s a new well-fed bonus that has been buffed to help increase your odds of a critical catch. Combine this with Miracle Fishing Bait for the best odds of pulling a Here and There Fish out of the water in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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The new fish can only be sold for 1 gold, but it can restore 1,000 energy at a time when you consume it. With some new ways to utilize your energy, this can be a huge help. That help won’t be too easy, though, as the Here and There Fish is found nearly everywhere and is still elusive to most Villagers.

And that’s all. For more updates, guides, and news, check out the dedicated Disney Dreamlight Valley section of our site.

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