How to Catch Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO

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The upcoming Crackling Voltage event brings two new shiny variations to Pokemon GO and one of them is for Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon. For the first time, Trainers will be able to catch the deep red version of this Electric-type, along with Tapu Koko within raids.

Tapu Koko in a shiny will be fairly difficult to catch unless you have tons of raid passes. However, Trainers will have a few different methods to catch a shiny Helioptile of their own, and each of them is certainly possible for everyone. Keep reading below to see the best ways to earn a new shiny during the Crackling Voltage Pokemon GO event.

Pokemon GO – How to Catch Shiny Helioptile

While the Crackling Voltage event is live, there will be four different ways that Trainers can catch a Helioptile, and starting on January 27, each encounter has the chance to be shiny. The most consistent encounter method will be searching the wild while the event is still running. Trainers can easily find the Generator Pokemon in the wild, and using Lures will ensure a higher spawn rate. However, wild spawns usually have a 1 in 500 chance of being shiny.

Next, Trainers can attempt egg hatches or Field Research that is specific to the event. Every time you spin a PokeStop, you’ll get some Field Research and the chance of an egg. What you want is a 7km or research that’s tied to Crackling Voltage in Pokemon GO. These will have higher chances of a shiny Helioptile and higher stats.

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Raids are the final method in the event, and you’ll find Helioptile spawning in one-star raids for the time being. Each raid will require an in-person raid pass or a remote raid pass. It may cost you real money to keep attempting, but at least one-star raids can always be done solo. These encounters also have a 1 in 30 chance for a shiny upon completion for most raid bosses in Pokemon GO. With any luck, you’ll end up with a shiny.

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