How to Catch Fish in Rust

How to Catch Fish in Rust

Free food, yo!

Everything in survival games usually revolves around acquiring resources, some of which are scarce while others can sometimes be freely available. The latter is the case with fish that you can catch easily and use for food, scrap, and additional items. With such a useful and abundant resource just floating around in rivers and ponds, it is a shame not to master fishing skills, so to find out everything about fishing in Rust, check out our guide below.

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How to Fish in Rust – Explained

Casting a hook and catching different types of fish is possible at various points and locations in the game – you can fish in Rivers, Swamps, Oceans, and even in the Underwater Lab’s Moon Pool. Also, you can fish in the Fishing Village safe zones, for some chill zero-risk farming.

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To be able to fish in Rust you need to have a Fishing Rod. You can buy it from the vendor in the Fishing Village for 80 scraps, or you can craft it using the following materials:

  • Wood x200
  • Rope x2

Also, you will need bait! In Rust, there are a large number of items that you can use as bait when fishing. Bait also has its own levels, which indicate how well it will attract the better-grade fish. It is ideal to use bait that has at least level 5 and above.

Once you get your Fishing Rod and bait in order, to actually get fish in Rust follow the next steps:

  1. Apply the bait by dragging the bait item into your Fishing Rod.
  2. Equip the Fishing Rod.
  3. Hold the right mouse button to aim and click the left one to cast.
  4. Once the fish bite the fishing mini-game will start.
  5. Use the “A” and “D” buttons to pull left and right and “S” to reel the fish in carefully.
  6. When the line gets too tense you hear the cracking sound stop reeling to prevent the line from breaking.
  7. Once you reel the fish close enough it will be picked up automatically.

Enjoy your catch, and don’t forget that even if you don’t catch the biggest fish always you can use lower-quality fish as bait to catch high-level ones. Happy fishing!

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