Rust: Arctic Research Base Loot Guide

Will you brave the cold for high-end loot?

Rust Research Base Point of Interest

There are numerous monuments, or points of interest, in Rust where savvy players can acquire high-end loot for crafting and raiding. One such monument, the Arctic Research Base, proves lucrative for those willing to fight past the countless enemy scientists roaming its grounds. These aren’t your average scientists roaming the wilds, unfortunately. They carry the LR-300 Assault Rifle, which will make quick work of unsuspecting survivors. If you want to score big, follow our extensive Arctic Research Base loot guide for Rust!

What is the Arctic Research Base in Rust?

The Arctic Research Base is a relatively new monument added to Rust’s snowy regions along the edge of the map. It’s a snow-covered science base with numerous crates containing random loot, plenty of low-grade fuel, and some food items. But to acquire this loot, you must contend with well-armed NPCs.

Furthermore, the Arctic Research Base is the only location on the map that spawns snowmobiles.

Where to Find the Arctic Research Base in Rust

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The Arctic Research Center will always spawn in the snow region of the map, typically along the very edge of the island.

However, the precise location varies. The entire map is randomly generated for each wipe, and the location of every monument will move around.

That said, the layout of the monument remains the same. You will always find the same buildings, including the barracks, radar tower, and trailers, with loot scattered about the facility’s interior.

How to Acquire a Snowmobile in Rust

As previously mentioned, the Arctic Research Base is the only location on the map where you can find a snowmobile spawn. But to acquire a snowmobile, prepare to jump through a few hoops.

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First and foremost, you’ll require a Blue Card, which you’ll swipe to enter the Card Rooms. One of these rooms contains a snowmobile. The other Card Room includes a Red Card, so take that with you for future loot opportunities.

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Rust features two types of snowmobiles: Tomaha and Tin Can. They function the same, so take whichever most suits your playstyle and aesthetic.

Rust Arctic Research Base Loot Guide

Within the Arctic Research Base, you’ll find several military crates, fuel crates, food crates, ammunition, and scrap/fuel barrels scattered about the monument.

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To access some of the better loot, located in the two red buildings with the white roofs, you’ll have to swipe a Blue Card. These aren’t overly difficult to acquire, as you can loot a Blue Card from crates scattered about the roads or via another monument on your way to the snowy haven.

Inside the dome in the monument’s center, you’ll find scrap, fuel, food, and tech/ammo loot. But getting to the center proves troublesome. Bring plenty of ammunition, maybe a few grenades, and several medical syringes.

Every other minor building in the monument contains some type of loot, though most of it is similar to what’s found at other points of interest or crates along the road. Instead, focus on the two large, locked buildings and the dome. They are the most lucrative locations here.

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