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How to Catch a Snowball in Overwatch 2 in Caught a Cold Snowball Deathmatch Challenge?

Let the Winter War begin!

by Nikola L

Snowball Deathmatch Challenge is the winter “fun game mode” in Overwatch 2 where a bunch of Meis are pitted against each other in the Free-For-All struggle to prevail on the scoreboard. The game mode is quite simple: you start with one snowball (you can have a maximum of three), and the goal is to hit as many other Meis as possible. If you run out of snowballs, there are a few ways to refill them. As the title implies, one of them is to catch a snowball flying your way. It’s not a very difficult task, and Prima Games is here to help you perform it.

How Do I Catch a Snowball in Overwatch 2?

Since the melee attack has been disabled in this mode, the melee button (Default: “V” or Mouse 4 on PC, R3 on PlayStation, RS on Xbox, and Right Stick press on Nintendo Switch) is used to catch the snowballs coming your way.

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When you press your melee button, Mei will extend her left hand, almost as if she’s saying hi to her enemies. During those few seconds, her palm is open, and she can catch any snowballs heading her way. Be mindful that you need to look as accurately as possible toward the spot from where the snowball came (so, you definitely can’t catch snowballs out of your line of sight that come from your side or your back). If successful, you will see a status message in the top center of your screen, and your ammo will be refilled with one snowball, which you can immediately hurl back at someone.

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The ability has a long cooldown, so if you do not catch any snowballs during the ability duration, we suggest you erect an icy wall in front of you and seek a pile of snow around you to refill or place yourself in an ice block until the coast is clear (in hopes that other Meis will knock each other out lol).

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