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How to Buy Your Own Home in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Home sweet home.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 allows you to purchase not one but three homes in Vernworth and Bakbattahl. This is game-changing as it means that other than the initial expense, you do not have to spend your hard-earned gold resting at inns. Here’s how to get on the property ladder.

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The houses that you can buy in Vernworth and Bakbattahl are locked behind simple quests with a financial component. Vernworth’s quest can be completed early on in the game, and it may seem like a significant sum of money at the time. But it’s worth doing anyway, as you will quickly make the gold back, and you’ll save so much on inn fees.

Obtaining the Affordable Vernworth House

To buy an affordable house in Vernworth, you must complete the A Place to Call Home side quest. You can trigger this side quest by heading to the back of the Stardrop Inn, where Mildred is, and she will ask you, a stranger to house-sit her home for a week. Her house will then be displayed on your map, and you are free to go to its location. She will then ask you if you are willing to do this, agree to do this, and you can use it as you like. Return a week later, and she will say that she wants to travel instead of being tied down to a house and will ask if you would like to purchase her home for 20,000G. Agree, and the house is now yours.

Obtaining the Expensive Vernworth House

To buy the expensive Vernworth house, you must go to the Noble Quarter and find the only unoccupied home. It is the only house that isn’t marked with the name of the person who lives there on the map. Which makes it easy to spot. The owner seems to have gotten into some financial trouble and wants to sell their home for 200,000G. It is A LOT of money, and there’s no benefit to buying this home as opposed to Mildred’s. It does look better though!

Obtaining the Bakbattahl House

To buy the Bakbattahl house, you must make your way to Bakbattahl. As you enter through the gates, a Beastren woman named Adrea is located near the inn and will speak out and ask you if you wish to buy her home for 30,000G. An easy choice when you consider what the nearby inn wants to charge you per night. You only need to stay in your new home for three nights to make it worth it.

It might seem like an expensive endeavor to purchase your first home in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but the payoff is worth the initial down payment. It’s a future investment, after all. And you’ll be glad that you have when it comes to convenient storage management, a place to sleep and heal, and as many pawn syncs to the server as your heart desires.

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