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How to Buy Ammo in Redfall – Answered

Hoard random trash so you can afford a bullet

by Daphne Fama

Once an idyllic island filled with charming roads and petty gossip and grudges, the island of Redfall has devolved into 2007’s 30 Days of Night. That is to say, it’s full of vampires who really want you dead. Fortunately, you’ve got the guns to stop them. The big problem is keeping them fully loaded. So, here’s how to buy ammo in Redfall.

How to Buy Ammo in Redfall – Answered

If you’re like me, you walked out of the Redfall Fire Station and promptly went in the absolute opposite direction of the main objective. The freedom of open world-games is a siren song that some gamers can’t ignore, but Redfall makes it difficult to practice Manifest Destiny.

That’s because ammo is one of the scarcest resources in the game. Even if you waste lockpicks on houses and meticulously rifle through every shed, it’s unlikely that you’ll have enough ammo to maintain a long-term excursion. Fortunately, you can buy ammo. Here’s how.

To buy ammo in Redfall:

  • Begin the Two Birds, One Stone mission which has you hunting down crashed helicopters.
  • Find both helicopter crash sites.
  • Find the supply cache.
  •  Return to the Redfall Firehouse
  • A new stack of ammo crates will be available in the main room where you can purchase ammo.

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But don’t just spend your money willy nilly! These bullets are expensive, so manage your resource to bullet economy with that in mind. It takes quite a few Proctor Squirrels and Playing Cards to completely refill an auto rifle’s magazine.

If you find yourself loving sniper rifles but not loving the cost of their bullets, there is a specific enemy that’s more likely to drop them. For more information, check out our guide here: How to Get Sniper Ammo in Redfall.

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