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How to Bury an Acromantula’s Head into the Ground in Hogwarts Legacy

"Goodbye, friend of Hagrid."

by Grant Testa

Hogwarts Legacy has a multitude of spider species to battle throughout the RPG’s expansive open world. However, one arachnid enemy that stands head and shoulders (literally) above the rest of the pack thanks to its vicious, aggressive attacks and ability to summon backup is the Acromantula. While the Acromantula might be one of the toughest, nightmare fuel monsters in Hogwarts Legacy, one simple strategy can kill two spiders with one shoe, as burying the Acromantula’s head into the ground makes the fight a cakewalk and will also net a completed Dueling Feat to boot. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for using this combat strategy and completing the challenge.

Step One: Equip Descendo and Wait for the Acromantula to Double Stomp

When you encounter an Acromantula make sure that you have equipped the spell “Descendo,” which is obtained by completing Professor Onai’s Assignment.

Acromantulas (or is it Acromantulae?) have unblockable attacks and will strike in a quick succession of three slams that must be dodged in order to survive. However, what makes the colossal spiders truly deadly is their ability to summon the smaller “Scurriour” and “Shooter” allies to overrun player witch or wizards. When the spider starts the summoning animation, it begins by lifting its right legs, then stomping…

Followed by the same motion on its left side. Once the Acromantula has stomped right then left, it will rear up on its back legs and slam down onto the ground to summon smaller spiders. In order to prevent the Acromantula from summoning allies and to complete the Dueling Feat, wait for the spider’s two stomps, and prepare to cast Descendo.

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Step Two: Cast Descendo When the Acromantula Rears Up on its Back Legs

When the Acromantula is on its hind legs and is preparing to slam down to summon more spiders, quickly cast “Descendo.”

This spell will bury the Acromantula’s head into the ground, thus completing the Dueling Feat, while also preventing the summoning of backup, as well as opening the giant spider for a counterattack.

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Step Three: Strike Back!

While the Acromantula’s head is buried the creature will take additional damage, so it’s important to take advantage of your adversary’s fleeting moment of vulnerability. However, the spider will quickly unbury itself and return to its quick, powerful self in no time. Once you have completed the Dueling Feat you can either proceed to fight the Acromantula in any way you choose, or continue the process of burying its head into the ground, until you have vanquished the massive arachnid.

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